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  1. Thank you so much, you have been very helpful i will check out the Reflectance channel!
  2. Thank you, now it starts to work. I´m still curious with which settings / values the Reflectance Map is supposed to be set up. I mean what Arroway intended because with the standard values of Beckmann, GGX or Ward it looks way to shiny...
  3. Thank you, i also think that R is for Reflection. I tried to put it in the "Layer Color" of "Default Diffuse" but it didn´t work. What did i do wrong?
  4. Hi, i bought a Texture Pack from Arroway but i can´t figure out how to set it up in Cinema 4D R19. 1. Do i need to put the "D" Map in the Color or in the Diffuse Tab? 2. Where do i put the "R" Map? 3. "B" Map is in the Bump Tab right? Hope you can help me with this, i´m confused... Best, Jeff
  5. Wow thank you so much, just when i thought there isn´t a simple way. "Transform" is exactly what i was looking for!
  6. Thank you! If it isn´t parametric i can just extrude it but i loose the advantages of a parametric object... Even in Sketch Up it is easy to do it so i find it weird why you can´t do it in cinema 4d... Thank you anyways...
  7. Thank you, that works but i then need to change the axis every time i want to scale in another direction...
  8. Hi, is it possible to scale an parametric object only in one direction? I don´t mean in one axis (like with the Yellow Dots) but only in one direction of one axis. If i for example have a cube which sits on the "Floor" and i only want to make it taler without also scaling it into the floor? Thank you!
  9. Hello, i´m using Cinema 4D to Previsualize Lightshows for Concerts. To create the actual Show i use a DMX Software (DasLight) which communicates with the lamps via DMX. DMX is basically a Protocol with 512 Channels . Each Channel has 255 Values, 0 is 0% and 255 is 100% so if you for example want to tell a lamp to turn on with maximum intensity you choose the value 255 for the Channel the Lampe is connected with. For now i create a Show in Cinema 4D and then recreate it in my DMX Software which takes lot of time so i´m looking for a way to input the DMX Signal which my DMX Software outputs into Cinema 4D. My wish would be to then connect the Intensity Fader of each Cinema 4D lamp to the DMX Signal. That way i could control the Lights in Cinema 4D with my DMX Software. When i create for example an effect in my DMX Software i could see it in Cinema 4D. Later i would "disconnect" Cinema 4D and "connect" the real world lamps and save a lot of work because i wouldn´t need to create the same show twice anymore. I hope i didn´t explain it to complicated... Any ideas?
  10. Sounds great, thank you! Is it also possible to add it to a new window instead of the hud?
  11. Hello, i was wondering if there is any possibility to create a Fader for the Intensity of a Light which is then shown in the Object Manager as a "Tag" next to the Light Object. This would be very helpful because after i have defined the size and position of all my lights i want to adjust the intensity so i find myself going trough the attributes manger of every light and it would be much more convenient to have all the intensity faders in one place like a dimmerboard in the real world especially i work with hundreds of lights... Any ideas? Thank you!



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