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  1. Thanks mate, I also took a look at Arrimus tutorials, and dude, they're great, anyway thanks for the quick response.
  2. Someone can help me? im trying to do a knife but i cant find a way to create the handle detail with a flawless topology... Another thing, what books or articles could you recommend me for topology study?
  3. Then i will connect the semelhant group of objects, then the number of objects should be halved
  4. I am making a 3D model to sell, but I do not know if I should connect all the objects in a single one to make the scene lighter, or if I should keep all the objects separate (that surpasses 300, and further on it should reach 3000) Does the fact that an object is reduced to a single mesh compromises its quality?
  5. There's a plugin called "Seamilar" that can help you with that https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/90778-new-plugin-seam-selection-tool/ https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/95805-seamilar-the-sequel/
  6. oh i will take a look at that thanks for the recommendation i have more experience with natural enviroment creation (like vue) destruction techniques, fluid simulation etc physics but i have to master modeling and then i decided to start with a complicated project like eiffel tower and post a wip in a forum, so people like you can help me to win this challenge i lose my early projects cause the HD stopped working permanently... my modeling was not so good topologically speaking, it looked pretty ugly but maybe these mistakes help me improve after all, the more you miss, the more you learn :)
  7. I found a tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuiOOVjC30I
  8. Put the emiters inside the mesh, moving atractors outside, and turn off the gravity
  9. I alredy used Nitroblast to do secundary clusters They have a configuration to this https://nitro4d.com/product/nitroblast/
  10. It can be a glitch, in R17 it works perfectly, but in R18 the knife tool ocasionally corrupt the mesh (Phong problems and dark polygons)
  11. Somethimes the knife tool dont work as expected, and then i prefer using the polygon tool
  12. Cinema 4D doesn have a volumetric particles engine, or have?
  13. Navié EFFEX could do that, but the website seems to be down...
  14. I was able to model using straight and even lines
  15. Oh thats so good I hope to get well in modeling if I had done it had gotten all irregular and full of ngons xD
  16. I have done something like this before, but i wanted to do something with less polygons
  17. I wonder if this is the best result I can get or if I should redo this part
  18. With de minimum of poligons i can do, and being all quads, this is the result;
  19. Thats better Thanks everyone that helped me And thanks cerbera for the modeling tip



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