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  1. Proxy at render farm

    Hi Push. It depends on the workflow of the given render farm. I understand that you are using a farm which just renders your project using automated workflow. In general, if the render farm offers a plugin for uploading your project, it should relink the proxy and upload it to the farm with the whole project. The proxy, like other assets such as textures and caches, should be properly linked in the scene or use relative paths if your setup allows it. If it doesn't work, then I'm sure it can be relinked on the farm's side, you would just need to contact the support team and upload the file. The question is if that particular farm is ready for such semi-manual workflow and how long it takes to get a response.
  2. The Keys trailer

    Reminds me the mood of Stalker book. I've just watched Keloid trailer and now this. :) The shot in 01:15 is my favorite. The only thing that disappointed me is that monster at the end. It looks kind of cliche, like a zombie in lots of movies in games. If you went so far with overall design and mood, you could create something more original and mysterious. Anyway, looks awesome. How long did it take to render one frame on average?
  3. Action

    Wow, I expected short animation training and it is quite a long video. How much time did it take you to render it? Did you use GI or "faked" it?