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  1. Thanks The fifth episode is cooking and we talk there about how to take advantage of the tough times we have now, andhow to rediscover your passion which originally drove you to CG. Also as a left-handed person I had to tackle a question if there is a conspiracy of left-handed people and how to get invited. Andrew
  2. Hi guys. There is a new podcast – CG Talks. It tackles various topics related to CG but in a light manner, so you can listen in leisure time or as a background for your daily tasks. If you prefer to listen it on podcast platforms, it’s here: - Spotify - iTunes - Stitcher - Radiopublic - Google podcasts - Pocket Casts Here are links to the episodes recorded so far: CG talks - ep.1: Making it in archviz for the uninitiated In the very first of our podcasts, we discuss the ever-growing Archviz industry, what our guests have experienced being part of that industry, where it's going and what new-bloods can do to stand out in the massive sea of capable designers offering their services online. CG talks - ep. 2: Putting Your Best Foot Forward In this episode, we tackle common pitfalls in creating an online portfolio, and effective strategies in making your body of work leave a strong impression for your ideal clientele. CG talks - ep.3: The Enigma of Style - What is it, and how can I get one? Style is the elusive x-factor that every artist hopes to acquire. It trumps technical skill (to an extent) and can skyrocket one into a celebrity! But developing a style isn't straightforward, and can be as elusive as that dream freelance gig you've been hoping for. In this episode, we try to break down what style is and how to attain it naturally. CG talks - ep. 4: Dealing with the 3d Learning Curve While 3d promises an almost boundless ability to create absolutely anything, we often overlook how time-consuming and difficult it can be to create even simpler things sometimes. Marco DJ and Andrew discuss their experiences learning 3d, what learning 3d is like today and what to keep in mind as you continue on your journey to mastering this amazing and complex medium.
  3. Hi all! Bob here from GarageFarm.NET I have a handful of news - but very cool ones so you might be interested. I’m very happy to announce a new rendering service for C4D and Redshift! 1. GarageFarm.NET - Automatic rendering of Redshift scenes in a cloud. We have been supporting CPU cloud rendering for different 3d applications and render engines for 10 years now, but recently we added new GPU nodes to our network. This kind of rendering is fully automated. The only thing you need to do is to install our plugin for your 3d application and send the scene to our farm straight from your 3d app GUI. The scene’s frames will be distributed and rendered among our GPU nodes. You can monitor and manage your jobs in our Web Manager. The frames are automatically downloaded to your computer as they complete rendering on our farm. Right now, we support Redshift for Cinema4D and Maya. Here is quick overview of our cloud rendering system: And here is a more detailed one: Setup of the GPU cloud rendering nodes: 8 x Tesla K80 12 GB vRAM Intel V4 40 v. cores / 120GB RAM / 2.00 GHz It’s worth mentioning that our offer for cloud Redshift rendering is the cheapest on the market. You can check our pricing HERE Get even 100% bonus free credits with our volume discounts I encourage you to test out our service for free after registration from this website (you will get USD 50 credits or tests.) 2. Xesktop - renting powerful GPU servers for rendering Redshift projects. This is another GPU rendering service which is very popular among our customers. We offer it as a separate brand, but it's powered by GarageFarm.NET, with the same 24/7 live support. (You can register an account on either Xesktop or GarageFarm.NET and use it for both services.) I will again describe how it works. - As the service, we rent powerful GPU servers with a connection via Remote Desktop. - It takes 3 clicks to create a new system and 20 minutes to load it up the first time. - Using the server is no different than using any other computer you’ve had. If you ever used Windows OS, you are good to go. - You can install any application you like and use the image as if it was your own computer. - Each image is an independent system you can reuse (when you finish your work it's saved, and then loaded when you turn on the server another time.) Image content - clean installation of Windows 10 Pro - GPU drivers - system drive: 200GB (for software installation) - shared drive: 500GB (for storing data, time-limited) - no 3d applications installed Our Servers specifications: Server 1 specs: 10x GTX 1080Ti 11GB vRAM CPU: 2x Intel E5-2620 @ 2.00 GHz RAM: 64-256 GB OctaneBench: 2,093 Type: cost effective Server 2 specs: (We added 3 servers of this type to the farm) 8x Tesla V100 16GB vRAM CPU: 2x Intel E5-2620 @ 2.00 GHz RAM: 64 GB OctaneBench: 2,970 Type: powerful Quick overview of the service: More detailed tutorial: Sizzle reel – works of our customers: Our GPU cost calculator will help you to estimate the cost of the rendering of your project on our setup. You’ll need to install your software and use your own licenses as we are not allowed to rent them out. Your system will be saved and stored intact after the initial setup and ready to use any time. You can register a Xekstop account HERE (or you can use the same account you have on GarageFarm.NET) 3. Rendering After Effects projects We also support After Effects with our automated plugin and cloud rendering. So if you need to export your project with post-production you can just reupload the frames straight from AE and render them on our farm as well. We support the whole Red Giant plugins suite. 4. Special pricing for April 2020 Times are tough for all of us. We’d like to make the adjustment to this unexpected life a little easier for you. We’re giving extra 10% credits on top of each purchase made until the end of April, 2020 both for GarageFarm.NET and Xesktop rendering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. You can also talk with our wranglers on our 24\7 live Web Chat Our support is online 24/7 and is available in real-time. You can contact us anytime and we guarantee to respond and provide assistance – any time of the day, any day of the week. Our team is working fully remotely and is doing well. We hope you are too. Stay at home and stay safe! Happy rendering! Bob
  4. Hi guys! Bob here from GarageFarm.NET We never stop upgrading our tools. You can watch our new tools overview in this video: And here is a list of new features which we added on the last several months: 1. Our support for Ciema4D: - We fixed issues with not-relinked GreayScaleGorilla HDRi assets in R21 - We changed output extension prefix from Name.0000.xxx to Name0000.xxx 2. New features in Web Manager (jobs management tool): - We added support for starting downloads directly from Web Manager Selected download will be automatically redirected from Web Manager to renderBeamer downloads tab. - We added a new feature - frame preview! To use it, just double click on one of your frames or any image texture in the file browser (left section in the Projects panel) or use "Image Preview" under RMB - We added copy job path option (available under RMB on the selected job in Web Manager) - We added the resolution aspect ratio lock in the job submission window - We added the "End time" column in the jobs table - We added Job node limit in the job submission window 3. New features in renderBeamer (upload\download tool): Download: - We added an option to download only specific files[ - We added an option to cancel downloading of a single file, an option of sorting downloads by column and added date column in the downloads tab - We added a button (folder icon) to open downloads directories Upload: - The finished uploads will now remain on the upload list - We expanded the auto-submit feature. Users can set default priority and render nodes groups for auto-submit jobs. Quality of life updates : - We added option to launch renderBeamer on every system startup (Windows, Mac) - We added option to choose action on renderBeamer window close (minimize to tray or close application - Multiple plugins can now be downloaded and installed in parallel at the same time Fixes: - We handled Icon\r system file on OSX causing uploads to fail, this file will be omitted now - We fixed logging into chat without "remember me" option This is a minimal version to get all new features supported! We strongly recommend to uninstall the current version and download the new installer from WebManager If you haven’t checked us yet you can register with $50 free test credits HERE If you have any questions or in doubt, I will be happy to answer them here. You can also use live Web-chat on our website, where you will get an immediate response. We are online 24/7. Happy Rendering! BobGF
  5. I get it. I guess the models quality this is one of the things we need to take care of. Do you have 3D assets store for C4D? Maybe a one that provides the models with good quality that we can look up to?
  6. GarageFarm.NET Black Friday discounts: Time: Nov 29, 2019 - Dec 5, 2019 You get extra free credits when paying these amounts: $100 +10% = 110 credits $250 +25% = 312 credits $500 + 30% = 650 credits $1000 + 40% - 1400 credits
  7. Gus, thank you a lot for answers Hrvoje : Why good topology is so important? I mean, there is a lot of practically broken models online free to download, also some shops have a little too simplistic approach when it comes to the plants, but I thought that in general the models on the market sold by shops like Evermotion are good enough when it comes to that part? Vizn: The problem with models for C4D is a good point. What about render engines? When it comes to producers, I also worked as a modeler in archvis company and good projection drawings saved 50% of the work when modelling furniture or bathroom appliances of a specific producer. I actually wonder if there is any other CG branch or industry that uses ready assets except architectural visualisation?
  8. Hi guys! We have very good news for you from GarageFarm.NET We have been working hard last several months and put together lots of powerful tools for our users. Here are some of them: 1. We support C4D up to R21, Corona up to 4.2 and V-Ray up to 3.70.05 2. We increased node limits on all priorities: Now you can get more rendering power for the same price. HIGH priority - increased from 80 to 150 nodes, with up to 240 GB RAM nodes. If you hurry and we have free nodes, you can ask us to allocate even more nodes to High priority jobs. MEDIUM priority - increased from 40 to 75 nodes, with up to 240 RAM nodes LOW priority - increased from 10 to 50 nodes, with a restriction of total 50 nodes for all your jobs on Low. ( Medium and High priorities don't have such a limitation.) - The default priority has been changed from High to Medium. Also, most recently selected priority is remembered for every new scene 3. We added new cool features to our Web Manager: - We added support for custom scripts. Your scripts can be executed from the "Advanced settings" menu before rendering. Scripts are executed "per-job". Users need to contact with our support team to add custom scripts (we are online on chat 24/7) - We added "job node limit" option to job submit and edit window - if you want you can limit the number of nodes allocated to your job ( for example for test purposes, or to distribute your nodes on Low priority in the way you want ) - We added a new exciting feature for your renderings - Real-time Progress! The rendering Progress Tab opens/hides from the right side of the main Job panel window. To view the current render progress, just select one of the rendering jobs in the Jobs panel and unhide the progress panel. Render Progress Tab is divided into three sections: 1) Active frames - it is visible when a job is rendering and it shows all the currently rendering frames. You can check in real time the progress of rendering of every frame, comparison to rendering time of the previous frame on the same node, and CPU and RAM usage. That gives a lot of control over the rendering process and you can react accordingly to the situation. - Web Manager also gives the average render time per frame based on the frames rendered so far for the given job 2) Done frames - this section shows the frames that are finished - the time and cost of rendering of every frame 3) Process results - you can view the real time render log for active frames or check the saved render log for finished frames. Please note that it's still an early version and that we'll be continuously working on making it better. Tell us what you think! 4. We added new cool features to our renderBeamer - We introduced a new feature - auto-submit! - Now your scenes can be automatically added to rendering without using job submission procedure In normal workflow you need to set the job in submit window after upload to add it to the queue. It has many cool options, but in case you want to render 20 cameras from the scene the process gets tedious. With auto-submit you just upload the jobs to the farm and they are automatically added to the queue with default options. - We added tray notification after job auto-submit - Information popup after switching on auto-submit in settings - We Increased download speed for single files by using multiple connections - Good news for users rendering high resolution still images. Now stills download much faster. - The main window can now be maximised and resized - No Tetris yet, but it's on the list - renderBeamer uninstaller removes all connected files now (plugins, scripts and other installation files ) - 100% clean uninstallation - We added a new payment method at GaregeFarm.NET - Google Pay - We added Plugin installation window which shows up after the first login to renderBeamer - it shortly explains the options of the uploader. - If you experience problems with network connection or the plugin's installation fails, you can use “offline mode” switch in renderBeamer settings - This option allows you to install the plugin even if you are offline, prepare the scene with the plugin and then upload it with FTP ( for example if your company IT rules are blocking renderBeamer.) You can even copy a project to a different computer and upload it with FTP and add it to the queue. if you haven't checked us yet you can register with USD 50 free test credits on this page: As usual you can talk to our render wranglers 24/7 on our live Web chat Happy rendering! Bob
  9. I'm with a team building an asset library app. I know there are many asset providers out there already but I think there's room for a better product. For instance, many of them don't have an app/plugin that does the tedious work of downloading and creating materials. Not to mention, assets quality isn't always what it should be. We're in the early stages of our service, designed especially for 3ds Max users who render with V-Ray and Corona but we'll be adding support for more apps. We are looking to learn more about how we can help architectural visualizers beat those crazy deadlines, and more specifically, we'd like to learn about assets. As an architectural visualizer freelancing or working at a studio, you probably purchase assets to populate scenes. What sort of assets do you guys often find yourselves in need of? What sort of assets do you most often purchase? Some examples: very specific harder to find and unique assets, designer items, scene fillers, assets that are harder to model, scanned organic assets, materials etc. I would be very grateful for suggestions.
  10. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D \ New features So far it was necessary to download and install a separate installer for every 3d application we support. We reworked our tools, so now it’s enough to install our Renderbeamer standalone application, and you can install and update the plugins for all the software we support straight from Renderbeamer We added support for 5-digit frame ranges We have improved support for RealFlow caches (meshes/rpc) If you haven’t checked our C4D rendering yet, you can register HERE with USD 50 free credits for tests. GPU rendering We rent powerful GPU servers with a connection via Remote Desktop. The service is called Xesktop, and we offer it as a separate brand, but it's powered by GarageFarm.NET with the same 24/7 support. You’ll need to install your software and use your own licenses as we are not allowed to rent them out. Your system will be saved and stored intact after the initial setup and ready to use any time. GPU servers specs: CPU: 2x Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10 GHz RAM: 128 GB GPU: 10 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 11GB NVIDIA CUDA Cores: 10 x 3584 OctaneBench 4.00 score: 2075 New features: - You can see a preview of power usage from the servers managing board so you don't have to log in to check if your rendering finished - You can see the size of your servers virtual system image ( the smaller it is the better performance of the server ) - You can check a cost estimate for your scene rendering with our GPU cost calculator You can register a Xesktop account here HERE or if you have an existing GarageFarm.NET account please use it to log in to Xesktop. After Effects rendering - We support After Effects rendering with our v5 plugin for After effects. Right after finishing the rendering of your scene and adding postproduction in AE, you can upload your After Effects project and render your final video on our farm. Of course you can use the plugin with any AE project you want to render, not only rendered on our farm. - We support the whole Red Giant plugins suite ( only the CPU plugins will render on our network – for more information please ask us on our live Webchat If you have any questions or doubts, I will be happy to answer you here. You can also use live Webchat on our website, where you will get an immediate response. We are online 24/7. Happy Rendering! BobGF
  11. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D \ New features: - We added support for X-Particles caches - We improved asset checking & relinking procedures - now our plugin checks also for missing / unlinked assets inside browser/lib4d collections. ( the procedure is done via Picture Viewer, so during plugin work, PViewer can appear for a moment.) - Our plugin uses a temporary folder when preparing the scene for rendering on the farm - Now you can select the location of this folder - We improved the handling of TurbulenceFD caches. Now our plugin will checks scenes for TurbulenceFD structure caches, and will show a prompt about relinking procedures required on the farm's side if any are found. - We improved checking procedures for non-Latin characters - now our C4D plugin checks assets names, camera names, output names, and caches for any non-Latin characters. Also, it supports spaces in asset names. V-Ray: - We added support for texture sequences in V-Ray (HDRI Area/Dome light) Anima: - We upgraded the workflow of extracting .anipack files on multiple nodes on the farm. - We added support for Anima for R20. Fixes: - We fixed the issue with V-Ray version being not read correctly (3.7+) - We fixed the issue with C4D freezing during our plugin's assets relinking phase. - Supported output path character length has been reduced to 200 characters due to Windows limitations - We fixed issues with some non-Latin characters ( Korean, Swedish and Spanish ) GPU Rendering We have been supporting GPU rendering for quite some time with our powerful servers rented for the time of usage. After the latest update, you can work on them yourself, with the new GUI we introduced. You can check it here: Xesktop If you have any questions or doubts I will be happy to answer them. For instant reply you can also talk with us on our live chat – we are online 24/7. :) Happy Rendering! _Bob
  12. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D: - We added support for symlink workflow. This is a big update. The new assets relinking workflow significantly speeds up the project preparation for rendering multiple cameras and scene versions. The assets are copied to the upload package only after checking if the they are already present on farm’s end. - We introduced output path length checking procedure (output paths longer than 250 characters are not supported) - We introduced camera renaming procedure - that feature resolved the problem with scenes which didn’t have any camera selected for rendering - We rebuilt the method for copying GI caches from a custom location\path. - Our plugin’s Tiled Camera rendering mode is now hidden in C4D R20 and newer versions (it's not compatible with R20 new scripts workflow). We are now working on a new procedure for rendering high-resolution images for all C4D versions - it will be introduced in the next version of the plugin. - We improved handling of pre-cached GI maps Corona: - Added Corona version in farm’s settings file uploaded with the scene. This is a preparation for automatic system of rendering Corona scenes on the version used in the scene. Coming soon :) V-Ray: - We improved V-Ray and Anima version reading – our rendering system automatically sets up rendering on the V-Ray and Anima version used in your scene. - We fixed an issue with checking procedures for V-Ray sampling limits when a different engine is used in the scene FIixes: - We fixed plugin crashes when a scene didn't contain and renderable camera. - We fixed an issue with copying camera focus distance in our plugin’s Tiled Camera rendering mode. - We fixed frame range display in the plugin’s GUI. - We Fixed an issue with copying GI from the engine which is not used in the scene If you have any questions or doubts I will be happy to answer them. You can also talk with us on our live chat – we are online 24/7. Happy Rendering! _Bob
  13. Hi guys Very good news! We upgraded our GreyScaleGorilla tools and now we support the GSG complete suite with all the latest versions. Everything works automatically when submitting a Cinema 4D project. Here's what's in the pack: - GSG City Kit v1.21 - GorillaCam v1.01 - Gorilla GradeLUTs - HDRI Link - HDRI Packs: Studio Basics, Pro Studios, Commercial Locations, European Holiday, Road Trip, Paradise, Pro Studios Metal, Ultimate Skies 4k, Ultimate Skies 12k - HDRI Studio Rig: HDRI Browser 2.156, HDRI Studio Rig 2.148<br> - Light Kit Pro 3.0 Suite - Signal v1.521 - Texture Kit Pro 3.0 - Topcoat v1.509 - Transform v1.232s Here is a link with more information about GreatScaleGorilla Complete suite If you have any questions or doubts I will be happy to answer them. You can also talk with us on our live chat – we are online 24/7. If you haven’t checked us yet you can register with $50 free credits for tests from this webpage: https://garagefarm.net/cinema-4d-render-farm/ Happy Rendering! _Bob
  14. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D: - We added support for clipping planes in ‘Tiled’ rendering mode of our plugin ( rendering high resolution still images .) - Our farm supports HDRI Studio Rig assets. - We introduced Cost calculator addon to the plugin’s shelf. Corona: - We blocked limitless (endless ) render settings for Corona. - We added support for customer’s LUTs. - We added prompt for ‘Calculate from scratch’ UHD Cache mode – in case of animation, our system can render your UHD cache `from scratch` for every frame independently, or with your own pre-calculated UHD cache, linked in “Load from file’ mode. Automatic ‘baking’ of UHD Cache for the whole sequence is not supported on our farm right now. - For still images rendered in ‘Tiled mode,’ we support automatic baking of UHD cache on our end to avoid visible seams on parts rendered on multiple computers. V-Ray: - We blocked FOV override switch and nonstandard V-Ray camera usage in our plugin’s ‘Tiled mode’ XYZ Anima plugin: - We fixed several issues with rendering with Anima and improved efficiency of rendering with this plugin on our farm. When it comes to Anima, we are in close contact with the developers and add new bug fixes and features soon after they are implemented by AXYZ. Fixes: - We fixed support for special characters in camera names. Now all untypical camera name signs are changed to ‘_’ - Plugin logs are now created per camera/take. - We fixed an issue with scene renaming and added warning prompt for using render region with ‘Tiled’ rendering mode. - We fixed an issue with not copied main camera settings to the tiled camera (DOF – focus distance ). Now all parameters from the base camera are copied to the tiled camera object. - We have hidden takes options of our plugin for C4D versions below R17.032. If you have any questions or doubts I will be happy to answer them here. You can also talk with us on our live chat – we are online 24/7. If you haven't tried us yet, you can register on this page and get free $50 for tests: https://garagefarm.net/cinema-4d-render-farm/ Happy Rendering! _Bob
  15. Hey guys :) Interested in expanding to science and medicine clientele? Watch our free live stream interview with professional medical illustrator and animator, Emily McDougall on Friday, June 8th at 6 pm BST. Medical animation and visualization are expected to balloon into a $301.3 million market by 2021 and more artists should carve their niche in this industry as early as possible. These specialized artists work closely with scientists and medical experts to create art for web, journals, film and television, mobile, and other media. Here’s what you’ll learn based on Emily’s Experience: - What does it take to be a medical illustrator and animator? - Software insights for medical illustration and animation - A personal perspective on Emily’s workflow as a professional medical artist - And more ABOUT Emily McDougall Professional medical illustrator and animator living in Edinburgh, member of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI), BIOMAB (Biological and Medical Art Belgium) and a registered medical illustration practitioner with CAMIP (Committee for the Accreditation of Medical Illustration Practitioners). Here is a link to our Facebook event ( stream ): https://www.facebook.com/events/670679546596401/
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