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  1. Hi guys! Bob here from GarageFarm.NET I would like to invite to to an upcoming event. Everything you want to know about cloud farms (but you are afraid to ask) - A free webinar by GarageFarm.NET - Do you struggle with long render times, but are worried about using online render farms? - Do your deadlines bite at your heels like unrelenting feral dogs from the very bowels of the abyss? - Are you afraid of the learning curve, cost, or unpredictability of sending off projects to a render farm service? If the answer is yes to any
  2. Das Frodo - Do you know which movies were shot this way and why? 3d Pengerl - actually thre is an artice bout that - and I wrote it https://blog.garagefarm.net/guide-to-rendering-optimizing-scenes-in-3ds-max-through-textures/ https://blog.garagefarm.net/how-displacement-maps-work-and-how-to-optimize-them-in-v-ray-part-2/
  3. Hi guys. I have a question. Recently 4K becomes a new standard for animations and feature movies. What does it mean for people working in CG\Games\VFX. Do you expect more work on the detail that needs to be done to fill such res? Are there any challenges or new workflows, and tools coming with that? Also, is 8K now a resolution which is used to anything? Like a technical over resolution to be scaled down? I'm curious about your opinions.
  4. YouTube Content Creator We are looking for a YouTube Content Creator to join our content and product team as a 3D content creator to help us create engaging video content and help us grow our YouTube channels. What you will be doing: Create video tutorials that teach people intermediate and advanced 3D skills Participate in live streams Help with ideating and planning content strategy Help with creating media content for marketing Must-have skills: 3ds Max or Cinema 4D user with some experienc
  5. Please test Garage Farm. Using the red button on https://garagefarm.net/cinema-4d-render-farm you'll get $50 credits to test the service. It should be enough to render a test of your scene, check the estimated cost for a full range and compare with other farms. You can choose between 3 different priorities - Low is the cheapest one, but if the price is the most important factor, it may be the best for you. Also, in case of any questions, we provide 24h / 7 technical support
  6. Hi guys I’m working on a GPU vs CPU rendering comparison which will be the subject of a podcast I’m working on with my colleagues. Every day I work as a support guy on a cloud render farm and I have my experiences with both CPU and GPU rendering (and I’ve seen experiences of our customers) but I’m very curious about your opinion. If you use GPU render engines what are the reasons? The most common reason I’ve heard about is speed, but of course when you have access to more than one card or processor then I guess it’s rather speed\money. What is interesting for me i
  7. Thanks The fifth episode is cooking and we talk there about how to take advantage of the tough times we have now, andhow to rediscover your passion which originally drove you to CG. Also as a left-handed person I had to tackle a question if there is a conspiracy of left-handed people and how to get invited. Andrew
  8. Hi guys. There is a new podcast – CG Talks. It tackles various topics related to CG but in a light manner, so you can listen in leisure time or as a background for your daily tasks. If you prefer to listen it on podcast platforms, it’s here: - Spotify - iTunes - Stitcher - Radiopublic - Google podcasts - Pocket Casts Here are links to the episodes recorded so far: CG talks - ep.1: Making it in archviz for the uninitiated In the very first of our podcasts, we discuss the ever-growing Archviz industry, w
  9. Hi all! Bob here from GarageFarm.NET I have a handful of news - but very cool ones so you might be interested. I’m very happy to announce a new rendering service for C4D and Redshift! 1. GarageFarm.NET - Automatic rendering of Redshift scenes in a cloud. We have been supporting CPU cloud rendering for different 3d applications and render engines for 10 years now, but recently we added new GPU nodes to our network. This kind of rendering is fully automated. The only thing you need to do is to install our plugin for your
  10. Hi guys! Bob here from GarageFarm.NET We never stop upgrading our tools. You can watch our new tools overview in this video: And here is a list of new features which we added on the last several months: 1. Our support for Ciema4D: - We fixed issues with not-relinked GreayScaleGorilla HDRi assets in R21 - We changed output extension prefix from Name.0000.xxx to Name0000.xxx 2. New features in Web Manager (jobs management tool): - We added support for starting downloads directly from Web Ma
  11. I get it. I guess the models quality this is one of the things we need to take care of. Do you have 3D assets store for C4D? Maybe a one that provides the models with good quality that we can look up to?
  12. GarageFarm.NET Black Friday discounts: Time: Nov 29, 2019 - Dec 5, 2019 You get extra free credits when paying these amounts: $100 +10% = 110 credits $250 +25% = 312 credits $500 + 30% = 650 credits $1000 + 40% - 1400 credits
  13. Gus, thank you a lot for answers Hrvoje : Why good topology is so important? I mean, there is a lot of practically broken models online free to download, also some shops have a little too simplistic approach when it comes to the plants, but I thought that in general the models on the market sold by shops like Evermotion are good enough when it comes to that part? Vizn: The problem with models for C4D is a good point. What about render engines? When it comes to producers, I also worked as a modeler in archvis company and good projection drawings saved 50% of
  14. Hi guys! We have very good news for you from GarageFarm.NET We have been working hard last several months and put together lots of powerful tools for our users. Here are some of them: 1. We support C4D up to R21, Corona up to 4.2 and V-Ray up to 3.70.05 2. We increased node limits on all priorities: Now you can get more rendering power for the same price. HIGH priority - increased from 80 to 150 nodes, with up to 240 GB RAM nodes. If you hurry and we have free nodes, you can ask us to allocate even more nodes to High priority jobs. MEDI
  15. I'm with a team building an asset library app. I know there are many asset providers out there already but I think there's room for a better product. For instance, many of them don't have an app/plugin that does the tedious work of downloading and creating materials. Not to mention, assets quality isn't always what it should be. We're in the early stages of our service, designed especially for 3ds Max users who render with V-Ray and Corona but we'll be adding support for more apps. We are looking to learn more about how we can help architectural visualizers beat those crazy deadlines,
  16. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D \ New features So far it was necessary to download and install a separate installer for every 3d application we support. We reworked our tools, so now it’s enough to install our Renderbeamer standalone application, and you can install and update the plugins for all the software we support straight from Renderbeamer We added support for 5-digit frame ranges We have improved support for
  17. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D \ New features: - We added support for X-Particles caches - We improved asset checking & relinking procedures - now our plugin checks also for missing / unlinked assets inside browser/lib4d collections. ( the procedure is done via Picture Viewer, so during plugin work, PViewer can appear for a moment.) - Our plugin uses a temporary folder when preparing the scene for rendering on the farm - Now you can
  18. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D: - We added support for symlink workflow. This is a big update. The new assets relinking workflow significantly speeds up the project preparation for rendering multiple cameras and scene versions. The assets are copied to the upload package only after checking if the they are already present on farm’s end. - We introduced output path length checking procedure (output paths longer than 250 characters are not su
  19. Hi guys Very good news! We upgraded our GreyScaleGorilla tools and now we support the GSG complete suite with all the latest versions. Everything works automatically when submitting a Cinema 4D project. Here's what's in the pack: - GSG City Kit v1.21 - GorillaCam v1.01 - Gorilla GradeLUTs - HDRI Link - HDRI Packs: Studio Basics, Pro Studios, Commercial Locations, European Holiday, Road Trip, Paradise, Pro Studios Metal, Ultimate Skies 4k, Ultimate Skies 12k - HDRI Studio Rig: HDRI Browser 2.156, HDRI Studio Rig 2.148<br>
  20. Hi guys! Since our last plugin update, we have released several new versions and added quite a lot of new features and improvements. General C4D: - We added support for clipping planes in ‘Tiled’ rendering mode of our plugin ( rendering high resolution still images .) - Our farm supports HDRI Studio Rig assets. - We introduced Cost calculator addon to the plugin’s shelf. Corona: - We blocked limitless (endless ) render settings for Corona. - We added support for customer’s LUTs. - We added prompt for ‘Calculate from s
  21. Hey guys :) Interested in expanding to science and medicine clientele? Watch our free live stream interview with professional medical illustrator and animator, Emily McDougall on Friday, June 8th at 6 pm BST. Medical animation and visualization are expected to balloon into a $301.3 million market by 2021 and more artists should carve their niche in this industry as early as possible. These specialized artists work closely with scientists and medical experts to create art for web, journals, film and television, mobile, and other media. Here’s what you’ll lea
  22. Hi guys! Since last update we were really busy bees and we’ve just released v43 plugin for Cinema4D :) This version is a very big update. We added many fixes and introduced new features: New features: - New plugin UI with a lot of additional options. - Plugin modes are now separated for Animation, Tiles, and Takes. - With Animation mode, you can now render multiple cameras. Every camera has separated frame range and rendering step. Also, each camera is rendered as a separated job on our farm and has its own output path and folder for renders
  23. Hi Push. It depends on the workflow of the given render farm. I understand that you are using a farm which just renders your project using automated workflow. In general, if the render farm offers a plugin for uploading your project, it should relink the proxy and upload it to the farm with the whole project. The proxy, like other assets such as textures and caches, should be properly linked in the scene or use relative paths if your setup allows it. If it doesn't work, then I'm sure it can be relinked on the farm's side, you would just need to contact the
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