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  1. Thank you all, my first experiences with Corona are very positive! To be continued! ;-)
  2. Thanks all for the responses. It's very informative and I will have to figure out which is the best solution for us. If I have to describe my work, it is actually very different and all-round. Sometimes mograph, sometimes logo animations, product visualizations, character animations or even interior design. This can be both in animation sequences and still image visuals.
  3. Hi there, I'm a bit in a dilemma, I'm currently working with C4D R20 (Physical render) on a new iMac Pro. It works very well but we notice that we can often use extra render power. Well we are looking to buy a render slave that could help us with that. This would also mean that we would have to switch to a third party renderer so we can make optimal use of the CPU and in the future of the GPU. It is important that we can also use the power of the iMac Pro to the full. I have spoken to someone who is specialized in making such render slaves and he advises me to buy a renderslave with the latest 32 core AMD video card in combination with V-Ray. I'm not very familiar with the technical specifications myself but I feel V-Ray is a bit behind when compared to renderers like Redshift/Octane/Arnold. I also have the idea that the tutorial offer of this engine is much lower. Can someone please help me and give me advice or share his experiences with working with the V-Ray engine. I would like to hear it, thanks in advance!
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