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  1. Hi guys, any ideas how to do this effect (the "trail" of the text) ? Thanks! 22601333_158869291366790_4110604377415221248_n.mp4
  2. Hi, I'm tring to rendering in Octane a book with text and images on it, but I can't figure out to achieve great/photorealistic effect for the paper. It has a grain, which influences the reflectivity on the highlights of the ink printed, but add octane noise to the specular or bump channel of the paper seems to not work propely. Anyway, I've attached a real photo of what i'm trying to achieve. Any tips/tutorials/materials to share? Thanks ^^
  3. AlbePaga

    Reflection (Octane)

    Hi, I was wondering how could be the easiest way to achieve this effects using octane materials. Any suggestions? Thank!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get a great cloth but it seems always not so accurate: I've to use the subdivision tool to mitigate low polys in the folds and when the cloth touch a collider, there're alwaysa little space between objects or objects intersects each other. I can't figure out what has to be tweak, I've tried to adjust Steps per frame and Collision Margins. I've rendered the scene and put it as attached, any solutions? Thanks!