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  1. Just curious, did you solve it? What was the issue?
  2. I found this amazing looking course about advanced rigging. Check out his other video's if you like character rigging & animation.
  3. You also have low-cost solutions like the Kinect to capture your own mocap data. Check out this video:
  4. If someone skips couple versions and the upgrade cost remains around 1000 EUR, then I have no problems with the perpetual model.
  5. Cool to see the ceo on here answering questions but I hope MAXON will lower the upgrade price for perpetual in the future. For me it's my favorite 3D package.
  6. Thx cool effect. Good luck on IBC!
  7. That's a lot! Why is it more expensive than going subscription?
  8. So if someone wants to upgrade from perpetual R21 to perpetual R22, and so on, the upgrade price will be around EU 850?
  9. There are still points floating around when you deleted polygons. Select all points then right-click, hit optimize. There are also topology errors. Best is to have only quads( in most cases.)
  10. Shoutouts to people who do character work in Cinema 4D, especially to Kangddan. Check out this rig!
  11. Houdini nailed it with the indie license and its cost. I hope MAXON will go the same route. But it takes a lote a time to be decent with Houdini. Like someone said here, after trying different packages I keep coming back to Cinema 4D. The ease of use is an important factor for me.
  12. Right now it's unclear of the benefits to owning a perpetual license. Unless the upgrade cost beyond R21 is cheap and there are no penalties for skipping a model then I would choose perpetual. But right now it's cheaper to go with a subscription.
  13. He answered it already here. But the pricing is not known for now.
  14. Blender is only getting better. People right now are creating new features like particle- and muscle system. I'm curious to see how the 3d market will look like in a couple of years.
  15. Here is the force object in action. Now it's possible to create that Avengers effect

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