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  1. Have a look at embergen. Its real time
  2. I'm gonna speak from my own experience. I always wanted to create an advanced rig. I just managed to do that past month using Blender. I found a lot of resources to do that (its also very cheap but qualitative). If someone has a lot of experience or is tech savvy can always figure things out in any software. Every software has its strengths and weaknesses. Aside from the software., availaible resources also play an important role. I still consider myself a beginner and I need (comprehensive) training and courses that go beyond the basics. You can find some stuff for cinema 4d but If I want to create an advanced tig as above (not as complex) then I need to look at other software training or video's (like maya) but it is possible. I also find rigging and weighting more fun in blender and less painful than cinema 4d. Also not dealing with priority constraints is awesome. I'm not saying one software is generally better than the other. It just depends on what you want to do. I just find some aspects easier as explained above. Like I still use mograph and x-particles. It's just easy and fun to use. Just my two cents
  3. I would also add greace pencil tool in Blender.
  4. Yes motion graphics and vfx will be much better once animation nodes is replaced by everything nodes
  5. Just curious, did you solve it? What was the issue?
  6. I found this amazing looking course about advanced rigging. Check out his other video's if you like character rigging & animation.
  7. You also have low-cost solutions like the Kinect to capture your own mocap data. Check out this video:
  8. If someone skips couple versions and the upgrade cost remains around 1000 EUR, then I have no problems with the perpetual model.
  9. Cool to see the ceo on here answering questions but I hope MAXON will lower the upgrade price for perpetual in the future. For me it's my favorite 3D package.
  10. Thx cool effect. Good luck on IBC!
  11. That's a lot! Why is it more expensive than going subscription?
  12. So if someone wants to upgrade from perpetual R21 to perpetual R22, and so on, the upgrade price will be around EU 850?
  13. There are still points floating around when you deleted polygons. Select all points then right-click, hit optimize. There are also topology errors. Best is to have only quads( in most cases.)
  14. Shoutouts to people who do character work in Cinema 4D, especially to Kangddan. Check out this rig!
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