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  1. Also check: pluralsight.com They have a lot of courses on rigging in C4D
  2. Frokito

    Object Tracking Question

    I'll try that thx bro
  3. Frokito

    Object Tracking Question

    I had the same question but didn't find any answer. How do I handle markers going off screen or like kkamin said; the marker gets lost in rotation?
  4. Frokito

    Selling X-particles 4

    Hi, I'm selling my full commercial license of X-particles 4. I've have purchased it on 20/04/2018. My offer is 450$. Pm me if you're interested or got any questions!
  5. I've sent you the file. Thanks for helping out!
  6. Hi, In c4d r20 I've rigged a frog and weight painted roughly on the left side. When I mirror the weights it does not come out as expected. For example a limb has 100% influence of one joint. What is did is, after painting the left side; is selecting all joints in the manager with the prefix of "L_..." Then made sure is flipping on the right axis, which is Y in my case. Then hit 'Mirror + to -" in the commands tab. What do I do wrong?
  7. Frokito

    Axis orientation?

    Alright thx I'll keep that in mind ;)
  8. HI, I've learned to keep the axis of the joints consistent otherwise it can cause problems to the rig. Is it also the case with the controls?
  9. Frokito

    Cell-shader materials flat in viewport

    No but you can use interactive viewer (alt + r)
  10. Frokito

    MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    People have already years invested in Cinema 4D. I don't see myself learning another program just to animate and rig characters. Its takes time and money to learn another program unless that the only area that someone wants to focus on. It would be great if MAXON and improve the features which are neglected for some time now. But I'm also into characters and I love cinema's ease of use to rig characters. I would love to see them make the character toolset better.
  11. I was wondering how I can import animated texture in Redshift and blend it with materials. This is the effect I'm trying to achieve (1:57 for the actual effect) : https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/siggraph_2016_rewind/siggraph_2016_rewind_-_sekani_solomon_creating_dynamic_animated_crystals Thanks
  12. Frokito

    Selling Cycles4d & XParticles Licenses

    I'm interested :) I just messaged you
  13. Frokito

    Feeling discouraged about the industry

    Brand yourself as a cg generalist maybe? Or try to work in an agency instead in studios. They can maintain themselves better on the long run. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Frokito

    C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    100% with you ont this!