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  1. Make sure you click on play on the timeline (and the move the main sphere around)
  2. I followed the tutorial and it works perfectly. I've attached the file. You should make sure that the metaball has a enough subdivision and increase the hull value test.c4d
  3. I'm trying to create this ink-in-water effect without using plugins: I tried using volume builder and fields but it's hard creating the repeating folds.
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah I find the limbs a little too long but I also need to make adjustments in substance painter. I'll best do that before the rigging proces.
  5. I always wanted to create a 3d character here is my attempt. I learned a bunch of stuff. It's mostly finished but needs some little touch ups. I will rig it in the futute.
  6. Yeah def recommend Helloluxx! Beside the links above also search "motion designers community" on youtube. They have great tutorials. I like this one:
  7. You can use triplanar mapping. Here's is a great tutoria by Pingol: https://vimeo.com/224288357
  8. Great move by MAXON. I hope they will also buy Rizom UV
  9. I've also have the same problem. I posted my problem at redshift forums (https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/23965/) but I did'nt find an answer except to maybe use vector displacement. @everfresh does vector displacement work better than using height displacement in redshift c4d?
  10. Now I think about it; shouldn't I subdivide the mesh when I go for displacement? In that case it defeats the purpose of having a low poly character
  11. thx Dan for the answer. I overlooked displacement map. I think I would go with displacement (instead of normal map).
  12. Hi, I created a character and it's fairly low poly. I want to to rig and animate it. But it needs some detailing. This the look I'm going for: http://buck.tv/#/work/project/17592/bankwest (the character on the bicycle) What's the best way to aproach high res. zipper and pockets for animation? I can easily model it but I want the deformation to look good when the character's torso bends, twists and stretches. How do I achieve similar result as in the example above but with good result (the zipper itself will not be animated)? Should I paint the zipper with custom normal maps or sculpt it and finally bake it on my low poly mesh? I want to avoid using mesh deformer for the zipper.



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