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  1. Thanks CBR for reply! You absolutely right! No one can open up the software and produces such a quality! Needs loads of study and practice. Cheers.
  2. Thank you very much for great information you guys gave me! My work partner is XSI-Houdini guy and he is sort of against Maya :p . In your professional point of view, do you think C4D is capable of creating such a animation like:
  3. Hello, I need your expert opinion: I'm to develop a series of animation that demands loads of characters. Perhaps character animation is the major thing. I'm looking to invest on a primary software to do the characters. As the look of the job is like Maona or typical Disney style, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to take C4D for that purpose. Any advice you expert c4d users can give me is much appreciated! Pons a s cons of using C4D? Thanks a lot!



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