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  1. I found a very promising python script at the plugincafe. It moves the selected objects axis to world 0,0,0. http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=6696 I tried the first script by Lennart. Now I still need to know how edit the script to only affect the Y cordinate and to work with multiple selected objects.
  2. I quess with scripting, expresso or something similar special this could be done.
  3. Hi Cerbera and thank you for answer If I understood you corretly, I have to say that it unfortunately doesn`t work. All the objects are at different height and differ in size. So after aligning aligning of axes of objects locally (the easy part) the axis are still at different heights in world Y-cordinates, so moving them together doesn`t align them to same world Y-cordinates. And using the scale tool in axis-mode scales also the meshes. Again I could set the axis to Y=0 in coordinates panel indiviually, but not to many objects at the same time
  4. Hello, I don`t seem to get my head around this. I want to transfer the axis of multiple objects, so that the object axis is aligned the middle of object in X and Z directions, but in Y axis it should be at the world position zero. I know how to dot this one object at the time, but I have tens or even hundreds of objects to do. -timopa
  5. I realized that this flipping is a natural thing in 3D, but I somehow managed to force it not flip. The rig has progressed quite a bit and I have run into so many more problems, that uploading a scene file doesn`t make sense right now. Forcing a 3D program to work like flat 2D program seems to be quite hard. If I were to render in C4D, I would manage these problems, but since it`s going a realtime thing in Unity I`m unsure about many things.
  6. Hello, I`m trying to create a simple 2d stick figure rig. I`m using IK-tags, with goals and pole vectors to define the bend direction of the limbs. I`d like to be able to bend the limbs in both direction when needed, and usually I do that moving the pole vector accordingly. In this case I`m experiencing this twisting of the the joints which cause the planes defining the arm flip 180 degrees. I know I could animate the twist value in the IK tag, but I`d like to to avoid extra keyframes. As a little background, I`m going to export this kind of character to Unity, which by default uses one sided materials, so the twisting causes the limbs to disapper. Also it would fllip any attached texture to be mirrored...

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