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  1. Thanks for the reply, I've created characters like this in the past and didn't have this issue, I guess i have to revert to your suggested work flow hence forth.
  2. Hi guys, I created a character and rigged using the advanced biped, its supposed to have a change of cloth in a script so I created fully naked then modelled clothes on it then tied the cloth polygons to the joints, I want to delete the body polygons hidden by the cloth but every time I do, my joints are no longer attached to my character body mesh, please is there any step I'm missing?
  3. Hi guys, please can someone break down how to make a characters eyelid react naturally to eye movement in c4d? I've seen a tute on this a long time ago but can't seem to find any anymore, I feel it makes for more natural looking eye animation and would like to learn how it's done, I'd appreciate a link or paid tutorial on it, thanks
  4. Hi peeps, I just styled eyelashes for a character, I hit symmetry and everything appears fine, but when I tilt or turn the head the lashes don't follow the head, pls note I already hit make editable with auto root selected, i grew the hair from a spline though, could it be hair symmetry doesn't work with hair generated from spline? if not please I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks all.
  5. Thank you very much, my axis wasn't at x:0, I moved it to 0 and everything works fine, appreciate your suggestions.
  6. Yes I think my coordinates are off, I tried the weight manager with the built-in humanoid characters in cinema and it worked perfectly well, please how do I ensure my coordinates are right?
  7. Hi guys, I'm not entirely new to character animation in C4d but I just found out I've never had cause to Lip sync until now, back in my Maya days I'd just drag and drop the audio file but I found out it doesn't work that way in Cinema, Please I'd appreciate someone telling me how its done in Cinema, thanks.
  8. Hi peeps, my mirroring tools in R19 aren't working as expected, when I paint on one side and hit mirror minus to plus nothing happens, when I enable symmetry in the weight Tool, use the name mode, right prefixes L_, R_, World coordinate, Mirror set to YZ, I still can't paint symmetrically, nothing just happens, I don't want to have to paint each side separately and the character is perfectly symmetrical. Please, any suggestions will be very helpful, thanks for your help.
  9. Nope I didn't lemme try that immediately and holla back, tnx
  10. Hi peeps, I was modeling a feet for my character so I hid some polygons (the toes) so I can access the inner small toe and edit the polygons, when I was done I unhide the hidden polygons and all of a sudden I cant access my vertices (points) even when I'm in the point mode. I dont know what I did wrong but this is the first time I used the "hide selected command" please is there anything I'm su[posed to do to access my points again? If not is there any advise I can be given by yall to help me access my points again? Thank you so much guys.
  11. Oh I follow your work on Youtube you have the best C4D character design channel hands down and I'm not patronizing or anything, thanks for the suggested tutorials.
  12. Thanks for the reply, my grouse with marvellous is the workflow, it appears, the only way is for me to create clothe animate naked, export and cloth in marvellous, import back into cinema then render, what I think about is what if I have multiple characters, will I export and cloth one after the other? Please, how does clothing multiple characters interacting with each other work in marvellous? I actually had marvellous in mind prior to my seeing syflex, It appears I can create cloth all in cinema and render with syflex, i guess I'm lazy but my supposed marvellous workflow seems tedious to me and I don't know how it works with multiples characters interacting, please your suggestion is highly needed, thanks bro.
  13. Hi all please has anyone used this software with cinema 4d so far, I'm thinking of buying it but I really don't know how good it works, cinema cloth with character animation has been rather problematic for me, is Syflex a worthy replacement?
  14. Thank you so much ever-fresh, worked perfectly after moving the character object, that's one hell of a tit job you got going on, lol. Thanks again



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