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  1. Sisela

    Buying R19 Studio (UK \ Europe)

    Ah, thanks! Good to know
  2. Sisela

    Buying R19 Studio (UK \ Europe)

    As title: interested in buying C4D studio, pref R19 but will consider earlier versions with an upgrade route. Must be UK based I believe to transfer licence within the UK (though if you know different, happy to consider!)
  3. Sisela

    Buying advice - secondhand

    That is a definite plus point for me, and one of the reasons I like the look of C4D (aside from the workflow!). I've got an Adobe CC subscription, and whilst I would like to own outright, the cost for me isn't that great, so happy to keep it subscribed (getting the ongoing updates is great - I guess in the same way as the MSA mentioned below) Ah, brilliant - thanks for the link to their guidelines, and for the MSA advice. I have looked at the MSA briefly, and the cost for upgrading definitely needs to be factored in for me. (along with the cost of XParticles, which look amazing from the demos I've been!) Thanks both, really useful feedback, and some things for me to look into :-)
  4. Apologies if this is has been covered - I searched forum for "buying" and saw nothing. I'm currently using a trial of C4D and finding it much more userfriendly than Maya (although 3DSMax was also much more userfriendly, but somewhat overwhelming). In any case, C4D seems a good combination of power, and usability. The price is still pretty high however, esp for Studio which has some of the features I'd be interested in (mograph tools etc). So I've been browsing the buy\sell forum. Is there a suggested method for buying\selling on this (or any forum I guess). The posts I've seen just have somebody - in some cases, like me to be fair, with 0 post history - seems risky taking a chance and sending money off to them. Just looking for some general advice on buying in this way I guess. I don't believe Paypal cover purely digital transactions such as buying a licence key. The alternative is for me to wait for a decent discount on the software - either Siggraph from what I've read, or hope there is a repeat of last May's 30% off deal (which kept coming in searches when investigated possible discounts). Thanks in advance!