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  1. sound

    Wrinkles and Folds

    Does someone knows if it is possible to achieve something like the attached image with all the wrinkles and folds with Cloth?
  2. there is a anisotropic reflectance node, but no option for a brushed look.
  3. I made this aluminium material but struggling getting some brushed look - horizontal brushes.
  4. Reload an Image in the Material-Editor does update the Material in the Material Manager but not in the Viewport. When I close and reopen the Document the Material updates in the Viewport.
  5. Dan, thank you so much for your help. this works very well saving the joint movements in the timeline and then apply Pose Morph PSD. Is this also possible if I move fingers of my Character with Pose Morph and then apply Pose Morph PSD for corrections on top?
  6. I have a character animation in C4D R21 where I have a pose morph tag on a joint to animate an arm mesh. now I need to correct some points on the mesh when the pose morph is deforming it (in 90°position). I tried to use a second pose morph tag in point mode on the mesh. but when I try to edit points on the mesh it snaps back to neutral position. how can I get the two pose morph tag work together?
  7. Is there an Option to view the Control Sliders of the Pose Morph Tag in Viewport?
  8. Thank you so much, it helps a lot. I'am still trying to figure out what's going on line by line it makes sense declaring variables, filling them with a value and then making some calculations. For me as a programming beginner it is still difficult to find the right code fragments like "tag.GetObject()" for instance.
  9. Hi, I'm reading a book about character animation with example scenes. now for one part they use C.O.F.F.E.E. to move some body parts for animation. My C4D Version (R21) does not support C.O.F.F.E.E. and I have no clue ho to write this code im Python. Can someone give me a hint how to write the following script with Python? var rot_old; var rot_new; mouseDown(doc, tag) { var obj=tag->GetObject(); if (obj) { rot_old=obj->GetAbsRot(); rot_new=0.0; } } mouseDrag(doc, tag) { var obj=tag->GetObject(); if (obj) { var weg=tag#INTERACTIONTAG_XPIXELS; rot_new=rot_old.y+pi*weg/1800.0; obj->SetAbsRot(vector(rot_old.x, rot_new, rot_old.z)); } } doubleClick(doc, tag) { var obj=tag->GetObject(); if (obj) { rot_old=vector(0.0); obj->SetAbsRot(rot_old); } }
  10. In the Character Builder when I switch on the Symmetry of the character object in the Adjust mode, when I rotate the left leg, the right leg should follow? In addition, I can rotate a component with the rotating Menu bar Icon, but I cannot move the individual balls handles?
  11. Sobald ich den Renderer auf Pro Render schalte erscheinen bei meinen Texturen überall Ausrufezeichen. Sind die Materialien falsch aufgebaut?

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