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  1. Dear community, I'm struggling with te team render client on r19.24, i'm getting really crooked results. the problem is that te nodes are not getting the right textures. some nodes fetch the textures just right and some don't. the problem is also more complicated because its not alway the same nodes! i'm getting error messages in the console saying that there are texture errors (obviously..) We are using relative paths, and all the paths are correct and the servers are connected, the firewall settings are also on full acces on all nodes.. I am trouble shooting for some days now but can't figure it out! i attached some files so u can see the setup. U can see on the images that sometimes it renders out as yellow and shiny then it is missing some specular map, and sometimes it is rendering black squares... there is a screenshot of a render node rfnode 01 and a screenshot of my settings! and the example with the boat is that it renders something in the reflection in one frame and then the next frame the reflection is gone again but it should be there! I would like to hear some solutions from u guys! Greetings!