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  1. Thanks for your responses! I do realise that the modelling procedure I used is far from professional, not clear and overly complicated but I wanted originally to create the animation in AE, however I found out that it's not the right tool for this so jumped to C4D importing what I have already created :) In the meantime after a ton of other tuts and lecture I think I will attempt to animate the objects along splines and see the results. Once again thanks for your input guys :) Regards
  2. Hi guys, I am starting my adventure with C4D and I recently hit a brick wall. I want to create an animation of nearly 3 dozen of 3D objects but I can't find any tuts that would address my issue. I have created the models in Adobe After Effects by auto-tracing the PNG files of different games characters, extruding, bevelling them and applying the textures from the PNG in Elements3D so they look like "cake candles" (the effect I was looking for). Now after exporting them and importing to C4D I have all my 32 objects with 7 tags each grouped in a null. So far so good. In my head I have this idea of starting the animation with them scattered and then appearing from different angles and places of the scene to stack and create a small loose mob of characters in the last frame of the animation. I need some guidance so the movement is not just a straight line (I can achieve that no problem) but to achieve this effect effectively and ideally with some gravity and "organic feel". Whenever I try to use a Mograph or Effector on my null containing these objects either they are not affected or my C4D freezes or stops responding as the effects "see" each object containing thousands of polygons, this times 32 = big no, no for my PC.. The best attempt I had was to add the Rigid Body Dynamics to the elements then place an Attractor Effector with a negative value (so it repulses objects) but then it is very random and impossible to have a proper camera work around the objects + I would need that in reversion :) I could share the file if necessary, please help as I have spent the major part of a month now reading and watching tuts and the itch of knowing what you want but not knowing how to achieve is unbearable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Oscar