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  1. wilkiebranso

    Baking tags with Hierarchy Problems

    It looks like it was the camera's motion tag which was disrupting the dependent constraint tag as when i baked that, the baking of the constraint tag was fine.
  2. I have a question about baking tags which is frustrating me. I have a plane which has a constraint tag set to aim at the camera. this plane is itself a child of a moving null which has a vibrate tag on it. furthermore the camera (the target for the constraint tag) is a motion camera so has animation. The problem i have is that in the view port the plane aligns correctly to the camera if i jump forwards and back in the timeline... as id expect, but when i try and bake the plane, or render the sequence in the picture viewer im getting some unexpected results in the alignment of the constraint tag.. Do you guys think this might be because the constraint tag is being messed up by the vibrate and motion camera tags which its alignment is dependent on ?
  3. Hi everyone, i have a question about how the team render server works with assets and its need to recreate assets in the repository instead of reference them from their original locations. Im doing a large project and want to move away from my previous method of using the render queue in C4D itself to sent stuff to my nodes. Mainly so i can keep working on that machine and if it crashes i wont risk looking a long blacklist of cued scenes (C4D only see,ms to remember queued items after the machine GUI has been closed and reopened). So I installed the team render server on an older slower machine which isnt being used, hoping this would basically be able to do the job of the render queue. Previously the nodes were pulling all the assets off of a NAS Drive and saving them as needed into their local repositories and that was working fine. However team render server is needing me to collect all the assets in its own repository to then have the nodes copy them again. Is this the way it has to work? as it just added another stage of copying and storing all the assets into the process which is going to be problematic down the line as im working with alot of assets, and many heavy textures? with this way theyre all duplicated 3 times in the render process (original location, TRS repository and TRC repository) ive tried setting deadline up on the farm but had alot of trouble shooting issues setting up the acesss to the repository there. are there any other good render managing solutions people would recommend. Im running R19 with Redshift, render lined nodes are all windows 7, team render server machine is a mac pro running os x. thanks all wilkie
  4. wilkiebranso

    Xpresso speed of null

    brilliant! thanks.. i found the position velocity but wasn't sure what to pipe that into. really appreciate that.
  5. Hi there im, trying to use an xpresso tag to calculate the speed/velocity of a null i have moving through space. Does anyone know how to set this up? i presume its pretty simple but ive only just started using espresso so im a bit unsure of where to begin. many thanks
  6. Hi all, It's quite difficult to explain what im trying to achieve let alone find a away of doing it, but i think it should be possible some how. Basically i have a CGI scene and a chroma key animated character who i need to animate walking through the scene. I'm doing this with the animated plate on a plane which follows a spline at the correct speed for the walking character to match the pace of the walking. That will all work great, the difficult bit is the scene is at 25 fps and the character needs to be stop frame animation esc and will be at something like 10/12.5 fps. so in order the character doesn't float along in between frames i need to animate the plane so it follows the spline in a jumping/step motion only moving/snapping along the spline to its next position at a rate of 10/12.5fps? any ideas? im sure this must be possible somehow but figure it might require Xpresso to get it done. thanks wilkie