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  1. casperround

    Team Render R19 - Issues

    That's where I'm confused, since all machines are using default IPV4-6 DHCP with automatic IP generation. However at the start I did clone 1 system across the 4 systems, having to change the names from machine1 through to machine4 with unique ip's and names. Don't suppose using the same Key for team render would cause this?
  2. Hi all, I'm having a big problem with team render and its really pissing me off I must say. I have 4 client machines with 6 GPU's in, each have a different machine name and ip being - machine1 through to machine4, ports 5401 - 5404 However when I add one machine in the server, thats fine, adding the 2nd it keeps saying "Machine1 is already in the list" When I'm adding a complete different machine? Yes I've restarted dozens of times too but no luck.