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  1. Pixelated Texture

    OMG thank you so much haha.
  2. Pixelated Texture

    That's the answer I've found everywhere but it doesn't work for some reason, I can move the front ticket but not the other 2. I made a screen recording to show you https://we.tl/vDVtEngEeQ
  3. Pixelated Texture

    What I mean is that the transform controls move as if I were moving the object, but the actual object stays put. Here's the file, thanks again for the help. Ticket Final.c4d.zip
  4. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks guys, I'm getting there! Another question :P For some reason I can't move or rotate certain objects, I can select them and when I use the transform or rotate controls, they move but not the object. Any idea why?
  5. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks guys, now, another question: I want the final video to be 1080 x 1080 px, I have made a white cube as canvas which is 30x30x30cm. How can I lock in the video canvas to the cube? When I go to render preview I get this:
  6. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks! That helped a lot. I think it's not a 100% but for the size I'll be exporting it looks pretty close! Is there a way to further improve the quality?
  7. Pixelated Texture

    Hello, I'm sure this has been asked before and I've found answers to this problem but for whatever reason I just cant get this to work. I'm animating a shopping ticket flying around in a canvas, for some reason the texture looks pixelated, the image is in high res, I set the Sampling to "None" and every other option but it looks like , especially once rendered because it looks like its blinking. I want it to look as flat and clear as the original vector image would. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks in advance!