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  1. Boole not working (I think)

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! I'll work with that.
  2. Boole not working (I think)

    Damn, I have a lot to learn, I've been doing it wrong for days haha, is there a way to set that object flying through a box? For reference I made this a few weeks ago using cloth (now realising I should have used your method) and now I want to do the same but for 3 different price stickers at the same time. So far, the file that you kindly provided only moves in its own place.
  3. Boole not working (I think)

    Oh man, since I'm a hopeless noob right know, is there a way you could share that file with me? I've been trying with spline but It's taking forever to figure out
  4. Hello, I applied a cloth tag to this price sticker, I want to add the 2 "holes" or "perforations" at the top and bottom so I used Boole. I all seems to work but when the animation begins, the 2 cylinders I used to punch out the plane seem to stay in place and the sticker flies away in its original form. Bonus question: Is there an easy way to just import that shape from Adobe illustrator as a plane, thus eliminating the need to use the Boole? I searched but I only got confused, seems too complicated. Here are some screenshots: Thanks in advance!
  5. Pixelated Texture

    OMG thank you so much haha.
  6. Pixelated Texture

    That's the answer I've found everywhere but it doesn't work for some reason, I can move the front ticket but not the other 2. I made a screen recording to show you https://we.tl/vDVtEngEeQ
  7. Pixelated Texture

    What I mean is that the transform controls move as if I were moving the object, but the actual object stays put. Here's the file, thanks again for the help. Ticket Final.c4d.zip
  8. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks guys, I'm getting there! Another question :P For some reason I can't move or rotate certain objects, I can select them and when I use the transform or rotate controls, they move but not the object. Any idea why?
  9. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks guys, now, another question: I want the final video to be 1080 x 1080 px, I have made a white cube as canvas which is 30x30x30cm. How can I lock in the video canvas to the cube? When I go to render preview I get this:
  10. Pixelated Texture

    Thanks! That helped a lot. I think it's not a 100% but for the size I'll be exporting it looks pretty close! Is there a way to further improve the quality?
  11. Pixelated Texture

    Hello, I'm sure this has been asked before and I've found answers to this problem but for whatever reason I just cant get this to work. I'm animating a shopping ticket flying around in a canvas, for some reason the texture looks pixelated, the image is in high res, I set the Sampling to "None" and every other option but it looks like , especially once rendered because it looks like its blinking. I want it to look as flat and clear as the original vector image would. Any ideas how to solve this? Thanks in advance!