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  1. Hello Community! I'm looking for a solution to animate a wave spline in 2D while the start point keeps it's original position. How could I do that? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Thank you guys for responses Jed: If the cubes are cached in the same time together (as you wrote above and did in your version) the result is the same like before. It’s ok. I baked move of cubes step by step, after each other and the problem appears here. The first one (topmost) end position is still ok but when I’m cashing the second one (and the next ones) its position will be changed. The backstory is I want to navigate the cubes to the right place and position by playing with Bounce, Friction and Collision noise values. I know it’s a painful process but I didn’t find better solution. But when I find the perfect settings and a cube arrives to the desired place after caching I get a different result.
  3. @HSrdelic I attached the project file. As you can see the cubes are landing in different positions if Use Cash Data is enabled or disabled in Rigid Body tag. cubes.c4d
  4. Hello! I would like to bake move of some falling objects (Rigid body tags on them, Collider body tag on the floor), but the caching will almost always change the animation slightly. The frame rate value in project settings and render settings is the same. I have found references to other values (Steps per frame and Collision margin under Project settings) which maybe could help but the using of them is not too clear yet. How could I get the same animation exactly after caching what I see before that?
  5. Thank you guys for the comments, you helped a lot. I'm starting to test
  6. Hello! I’m looking for a solution to controll a cube rolling in animation. Given a tower of cubes, the cubes are marked on one of their side. The top four cubes fall down and stop in front of the camera. 1. How could I controll rolling of cubes that way they arrive to the right place and show the right side (in right direction) while they keep realistic physical moving? 2. What is the best way to bring down that top four cubes? Thanks for any suggestion!



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