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  1. Smashkhaledo

    How to copy a rigged pose?

    ok, I think I found a solution, select the skeleton of the original character, go to character>commands>copy chain then go to the character you want to copy the pose to, select it's skeleton, go to character>commands>map chain it's really simple :D
  2. How to copy a rigged pose from one character to another? I have these model series and I rigged them, now I have another rigged model that I want to copy the exact same poses to it! i.e four moves of the same character doing the same action, from crutch, throwing crutches, walking to running there are many characters I want to add doing the same action (it's a still visual, not animation)
  3. as the title says, I have a nice collection of c4d materials and I want to convert them to vray materials? can I do that in a simple way rather than copying attributes of each one? cinema 4d r19, vray bridge 1.9
  4. I was rendering with vray renderer
  5. I was rendering an image for more than an hour, it was at the last rendering square...and then the power went out! Short sad story! I am texting desperately in darkness now...is there a way where I can just access the image that was rendered already somewhere secretly on the pc? HELP!
  6. I am still new to the vray and the cinema 4D, attached is a sample from a scene I made with it: I am good with the quality but the only problem is the noises, you can see it more here specially on the aluminium window: I used the basic vray settings except I played with the dmc sampler and GI presets set to 04_IR-LC_medium...I tried to manipulate them more (and still) but the noises still there....and I don't know from where to start! attached is the file itself (reduced many unwanted elements) if you want to test it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/r5f0ykqdomhf15p/vtest.zip/file my C4D version R19 with vray 1.9/2.55 Please help!
  7. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    here is the final scene :)
  8. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I already done something similar to this, I used boole to merge the spout I made with the body sphere using the method A union B, then i deleted the spout but kept the circle hole on the body, from there I cloned the lines and moved and scaled them one by one and used my old spout as a reference! later I practiced on SDS modeling using few polygons and subdivision to make a milk pot and it worked like a charm!
  9. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I know but I was wishing to find some shortcut solutions....what would I do in the future when I design a complex object and I only want to fuse a small piece to it?! shall I remodel the whole thing and waste more time?! have we always rebuild the whole topology just to amend small things? I am talking about tight times, deadlines and you have to figure a fast solution and not to lose what you already built!
  10. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    Yup, this is how it's done....thanks mate :)
  11. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I don't know how to do that...I think it's gonna be a loong process....I can only craft each item alone and connect them.....I think there might be some easy solution!
  12. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    thanks but i can get the same result with boole, it doesn't have the same melting effect like attached
  13. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    there is a method I concluded that using boole: A union B I can merge the 2 objects as one, but still they intersect each other, and the edges at the intersection line is trianglated...so I can't bevel it smoothly
  14. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    as for attached screenshot, the teapot spout I want to melt it into the sphere body...they are both 2 different objects, I tried the Metaball but it's results are catastrophic....the mesh is messed up the outcome shape is homogeneous (2nd image) + the system is really slow counting down the polygons.... i think there might be another work around....3rd image is a reference of what I want here is a link to the file if you want to mess with it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sptrrvc8444a6tj/teapot2.c4d/file
  15. Smashkhaledo

    How to Recover a C4D file?

    how to recover a cinema 4D file after a power failure? I was working on a file and didn't save it, and then....off! now before I panic, is there any auto recovery files hidden somewhere in windows 7?