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  1. as the title says, I have a nice collection of c4d materials and I want to convert them to vray materials? can I do that in a simple way rather than copying attributes of each one? cinema 4d r19, vray bridge 1.9
  2. I was rendering with vray renderer
  3. I was rendering an image for more than an hour, it was at the last rendering square...and then the power went out! Short sad story! I am texting desperately in darkness now...is there a way where I can just access the image that was rendered already somewhere secretly on the pc? HELP!
  4. I am still new to the vray and the cinema 4D, attached is a sample from a scene I made with it: I am good with the quality but the only problem is the noises, you can see it more here specially on the aluminium window: I used the basic vray settings except I played with the dmc sampler and GI presets set to 04_IR-LC_medium...I tried to manipulate them more (and still) but the noises still there....and I don't know from where to start! attached is the file itself (reduced many unwanted elements) if you want to test it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/r5f0ykqdomhf15p/vtest.zip/file my C4D version R19 with vray 1.9/2.55 Please help!
  5. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    here is the final scene :)
  6. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I already done something similar to this, I used boole to merge the spout I made with the body sphere using the method A union B, then i deleted the spout but kept the circle hole on the body, from there I cloned the lines and moved and scaled them one by one and used my old spout as a reference! later I practiced on SDS modeling using few polygons and subdivision to make a milk pot and it worked like a charm!
  7. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I know but I was wishing to find some shortcut solutions....what would I do in the future when I design a complex object and I only want to fuse a small piece to it?! shall I remodel the whole thing and waste more time?! have we always rebuild the whole topology just to amend small things? I am talking about tight times, deadlines and you have to figure a fast solution and not to lose what you already built!
  8. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    Yup, this is how it's done....thanks mate :)
  9. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    I don't know how to do that...I think it's gonna be a loong process....I can only craft each item alone and connect them.....I think there might be some easy solution!
  10. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    thanks but i can get the same result with boole, it doesn't have the same melting effect like attached
  11. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    there is a method I concluded that using boole: A union B I can merge the 2 objects as one, but still they intersect each other, and the edges at the intersection line is trianglated...so I can't bevel it smoothly
  12. Smashkhaledo

    How to fuse 2 objects!

    as for attached screenshot, the teapot spout I want to melt it into the sphere body...they are both 2 different objects, I tried the Metaball but it's results are catastrophic....the mesh is messed up the outcome shape is homogeneous (2nd image) + the system is really slow counting down the polygons.... i think there might be another work around....3rd image is a reference of what I want here is a link to the file if you want to mess with it: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sptrrvc8444a6tj/teapot2.c4d/file
  13. Smashkhaledo

    How to Recover a C4D file?

    how to recover a cinema 4D file after a power failure? I was working on a file and didn't save it, and then....off! now before I panic, is there any auto recovery files hidden somewhere in windows 7?
  14. is there a way when I can render an object with its shadows transparently as png or something to use later as one layer in photoshop? I am not talking about a video or after effects here...just a still image thanks
  15. Smashkhaledo

    How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    ok, I managed to do this some how I expanded the stroke in illustrator, inserted it as another spline with extrude connected all splines as a one, but it was very curvy as shown, to fix this i converted their type from bezier to linear I then applied extrude for each object and made separated material for each, the stroke with white and the fill with grey as shown but this is just a work around for my case, I am asking here for a feature in the program should be easier....to shame it is easier to make it in illustrator or photoshop where it is hard to make it in a 3D program like c4d! :/