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  1. is there a way when I can render an object with its shadows transparently as png or something to use later as one layer in photoshop? I am not talking about a video or after effects here...just a still image thanks
  2. How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    ok, I managed to do this some how I expanded the stroke in illustrator, inserted it as another spline with extrude connected all splines as a one, but it was very curvy as shown, to fix this i converted their type from bezier to linear I then applied extrude for each object and made separated material for each, the stroke with white and the fill with grey as shown but this is just a work around for my case, I am asking here for a feature in the program should be easier....to shame it is easier to make it in illustrator or photoshop where it is hard to make it in a 3D program like c4d! :/
  3. How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    I tried it, the brush also is tiled, I tried to select the polygons I want to paint, layer>fill polygons, and it also has problems and the map is complicated....why things shouldn't be easier :/
  4. How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    I tried all of them....nothing fits :/
  5. lets make myself clear, I don't want to extrude a logo, I already done that, I just want to make the texture fit on the logo surface....see these images for clarification...when I add the image as a texture it is messed up! I thought it would be that easy to do it! :/
  6. How to make a car Headlights?

    thanks guys, I manipulated around and managed to do it for SEAT Fura 1985 edition....it's all about transparency and bumping :D
  7. guys, I am searching for a tutorial on how to make a car headlight like the one attached...I can't find any on google... I am not talking about the "lights" here, I am talking about the body itself, like refracting the glass, etc!
  8. Hi there, Just asking for recommendations for tutorials of how to model a car from a blueprint! a descriptive one for a beginner like me :) thanks
  9. Pause and resume render for images??

    Guys, I really appreciate your help here, it helped me so much! I payed attention to what rectro said and had a look at my model again, I know the file is messed up so much because this is my first big thing, I lowered down the polygons, exported the UVs from zbrush instead of the whole 4 million polygon object, I turned off GI at render and substitute with 2 area lights just to kill the black shadows, and most important, I found the way to work around the topic title "pause and resume" as I mentioned in the first post here, "saving the image for each progress, and if it failed, I open the image in photoshop and measure the size of the missing parts and render only them next time using the "render region" at the settings and enter coordinates " thanks everyone, here is a link to the full project..check it out! :)
  10. Pause and resume render for images??

    these are the render settings!
  11. Pause and resume render for images??

    and here is a link for the file....I couldn't compress it more http://www.mediafire.com/file/pm7epcx106w07ps/Layla2.zip
  12. Pause and resume render for images??

    the thing about physical is that I am using camera depth of field....so I don't know how the hair is going to be blurred! here is a part of what is rendered so far
  13. Pause and resume render for images??

    it gives better illumination results....more natural light effect! the right one is with preview settings for fast rendering!
  14. Pause and resume render for images??

    the model without hair takes only from 7 to 10 mins to render with the same settings, with the hair on....19 hours so far! the threads passes fast on other materials but when it comes to hair....it slows down and stuck for about half an hour!