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  1. lunarvertex

    Sci_fi Camper Van

    Here are some small updates, mostly been working on UV mapping the body which is something I don't have much experience with lots of pulling my hair out but I think its starting to get there now.
  2. lunarvertex

    Sci_fi Camper Van

    Here is a small update on my progress i'll have more time at the weekend to get the modelling finished.
  3. lunarvertex

    Sci_fi Camper Van

    ha ha, well there are a couple of tri's lurking but i'm working on ridding them still learning.
  4. Hi there, This is a little project I'm working on, something I have had floating around in my head for a while.
  5. lunarvertex

    Little Robot

    This is a little guy i'm working on' i'm planning on animating him just simple stuff walking, jumping etc for practice.
  6. lunarvertex

    Dagon - new animation

    That was really great had me captivated, keep it up!