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  1. ps. If someone can write this script in python, please contact me.
  2. The tool needs to scale UV Shells of selected objects to match the specified Texel Density. Already packed or arranged groups of UV Shells and set the average Texel Density without modifying the layout.
  3. Very good C4DS, I didn't know for that plugin of yours. But that not exactly what I would want to do. This can be as a suggestion that you can implement and help people like me that must prepare UVs on multiple objects in multiple scenes(projects) that come together for Lightmap backing in some game engines like Unity or Unreal. When you have done unwrapping UVs and created in that process a UV charts (multiple for one object) the best thing for me is that place for that UVs stay as I setup them. They should scale, not move. That means that objects UVs will scale proportional to their size for the set map size (i.e. 512). Later in another file (project) you can set the same UV proportion to that scene objects. You can put that input field it under Spacing and above Realine button.
  4. Realign with option -Equilize island size- is just for the selected objects UV islands. I need to have same proportional to object UV size across all object in the scene and in the other scenes maintaining same ratio
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there a script/plugin that can normalize/equalise UV size (texels) base on the object size across all selected objects in the scene. There is an option in Maya 2018 for that and 3DS Max has some similar scripts (like UV Normalizer 2.0 or TexTools). If there is not such a script, how hard would it be for someone to write one in python? Thanks.



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