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  1. You guys are totally amazing, I hope i can help you all out one day. CBR-Sorry i was in wrong section
  2. HI all Hope all is well, I need a little help. I'm building a 3D sign with multiple lights which are all seperate and not in a cloner. I would like to randomly control the light intensity using Expresso and can't figure out a way to do it. I tried connecting them all up to a Noise Node, but that change the intensity of all of them the same value and I need to have them all with random intensity. Any help would be hugely appreciated, or to be pointed in a direction that could help. Kind Regards Graham
  3. Thanks you again, I have never used that tool before and totally forgot about it. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it. G
  4. Sorry for being a pain. Thank you for your help.
  5. Ok cool, sorry to be a pain. But someone else said that to me and I just can't find where I change the mode so I can scale the camera. Please help!!! G
  6. Hi All Bit of a strange question, but does anyone know how to change the size of a Camera in the view editor. I rendering a small objects and need to move different cameras around the object. But everytime I make a new target camera it comes in huge in the view editor. Any help from anyone would hugely appreciated. Please see attached screen grab. Kind Regards G
  7. Thanks all. I'm a Mac user but really thinking of jumping to PC just for a Cinema 4D machine. What i'm hearing is you get more power for your money which is key for me as i'm just starting out on my own. You guys are great!!!
  8. So I'm looking at buying another computer for C4D work only really and my question to everyone is... Which would you buy a PC or an Apple Mac? Thanks G
  9. Hi Shadd Thats extremely help, by the sounds of it I might of been wasting alot of money. I think I put my money into investing into a better spec PC for my 3D work. I see you mentions Redshift render engine. Do you use it? This is also something I've been looking to invest in. Cheers Graham
  10. Hi all So this is my first (of probably many) questions i'll be asking in the future. I currently have R19 Studio and I do alot of title treatments and animate them. My computer does seem to chug along when doing final renders, I run C4D on an iMac i7 4.2 GHz with 32GB Ram and a Radeon Pro 580 8GB graphics card, now I know this isn't the best setup but I've been looking at the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box with whatever graphics card i could afford as a way of speeding up my render time. Has anyone had any experience with this external graphics card box with an iMac and if so please could you share your thoughts please. Many thanks Graham



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