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  1. HI all

    Hope all is well, I need a little help.
    I'm building a 3D sign with multiple lights which are all seperate and not in a cloner.  I would like to randomly control the light intensity using Expresso and can't figure out a way to do it.
    I tried connecting them all up to a Noise Node, but that change the intensity of all of them the same value and I need to have them all with random intensity.


    Any help would be hugely appreciated, or to be pointed in a direction that could help.


    Kind Regards


  2. Hi All


    Bit of a strange question, but does anyone know how to change the size of a Camera in the view editor. I rendering a small objects and need to move different cameras around the object. But everytime I make a new target camera it comes in huge in the view editor.
    Any help from anyone would hugely appreciated.


    Please see attached screen grab.


    Kind Regards


    Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.37.29.png

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