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  1. Hey, I've had a go at a second attempt and feel I have definitely improved the quality of the model i.e. there is now no pinching at all in the rendering. There are a few instances of triangles in the base mesh (in the corners of the semi-circle holes on the latch, and in the raised curved corners) as including triangles actually looked better when subdivided. 
 For all the details like the arrow and the grip lines etc I have used displacement in Octane which gave me a pretty good result. 
 I had to give up on the spoon in the end as no matter what I did I couldn't get it to work properly. I tired your FFD suggestion as well as other methods such as trying to use a displacement and also trying to use sculpting. Neither gave me the results I wanted so I will have to admit defeat for the time being – as you say I am probably not experienced enough yet to model something of this complexity. Perhaps I will revisit this project at a later date. Thanks again for all your help! Plastic_Lid_2nd_Attempt.c4d
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to be able import cutter guides into C4D and then fold and extrude them to create realistic models of assembled packaging designs. The FoldMyDesign! plugin never seems to work for me plus the creases/folds it creates do not look realistic. I was wondering if anyone out there had any other solutions? The 'Box 01 - Modular' found in the C4D content browser (attached for reference) is quite good as the model is subdivided so gives you realistic creases and folds but is limited in size range (going below a certain size starts to cause problems with the model and distorts the UVs). You are of course also limited to a standard tuck-flap carton design as opposed to being able to bring in custom cutter guides. Any help will be much appreciated! Box 01 - Modular.c4d
  3. Hi Cerbera, Wow thanks for all your detailed advice! I'll be sure to research the topics you have mentioned, especially edge flow as I often find myself stuck when modelling with no choices left but to resolve mesh issues by adding triangles. I read that having a good edge flow on a model will prevent you from having to do this so perhaps I will practice this technique on a simpler model just so I get the hang of it. Also interesting about the disc primitives and FFD deformer which is a new way to approach this that I hadn't thought of. And totally agree with you on doing a model second time round. I find myself remodelling things over and over as I sort of feel the model isn't quite right and am always surprised at how much better the results are each time just by approaching it with a different method. Thanks again for your tips on this!
  4. Hi, I’m fairly new to C4D and I’m having a slight issue with how to approach modelling a vacuum formed plastic lid for baby food packaging. I have attached two reference photographs of what I’m trying to achieve and my C4D model of where I’ve got to. I am pretty happy with the overall shape/topology of the lid. For the security icon I have just projected a spline onto the dome geometry and extruded with rounded edges which works well for me. The issue I’m having is trying to get clean geometry for the vacuum formed spoon shape on the dome of the lid. I have tried multiple methods to get this as a clean piece of geometry but am running out of ideas. I have also tried Boole as a starting point and then to clean up the mesh but it gets messy quite quickly. Ideally I want to have that whole lid (inverted dome, dome and spoon shape) as one object which I can drop into subdivision surface. At the moment the spoon shape is its own object which is just positioned to intersect with the dome. Any help would be greatly appreciated, perhaps I am approaching this in the wrong way or there is some method for this type of modelling which I’m not aware of? Either way any tips or guidance in the right direction will be much appreciated! Thanks Baby_Food_Lid_Model.c4d
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