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  1. I think that you could improve by working on the composition and lighting: The character is the most interesting, yet it is hard to see his expression. I think that my eyes gravitated towards the contrast and the detail on the axe. I think that you could achieve a lot more depth if you allowed light to penetrate deeper into the trees... And the trees on the left side are kind of out of focus? I don't know what it is, it is unpleasant to look at those :D I highly recommend that you check out this youtube channel, blender guru. This guy does critiques of stuff people send him and it is a great way to learn. Furthermore, he has great videos on composition, colour etc... btw I am no expert or an artist :D I hope this helps!
  2. Have you tried adding anti-aliasing in the render settings?
  3. jbatista! you solved my problem with my C-motion !! thanks a lot man! :)) I played around with the hierarchy and I got it to render in the picture viewer. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the tip digitvisions. I will be squishing and stretching the head a lot with pose morph so I think I will end up using UVs. :) jbatista, I hope the following snapshots are illustrative enough. I am disappointed to find this dichotomy between Render View and Render to Picture View :/ I have just found out that Picture Viewer does not see my C-motion animation...
  5. Good idea:) unfortunately, it is not. I tried setting the constraint to mode min and both of the views were in sync for some reason. I couldn't replicate this behaviour in a larger hierarchy, however. Is there a way to use the Render View as the output? It would solve a lot of problems for me. I need this because I am constraining an eye to the face of my character: The character is a complicated SDS which I animate with a mesh deformer where the cage is a low poly version of the character, driven by joints and pose morph. When I am animating, the constraint is lagging behind and the eye is never in position unless I click inside the editor window or the hierarchy. :(
  6. Sorry, I've updated my profile :) For anyone interested, I have noticed that this problem occurs only when I use the subdivision surface.
  7. Hi guys, First of all, I am working with R18.057. So I constrained a cube to a surface of a sphere (a subdivided cube). I can see the constraint working in the editor and also in Render view. However, the position doesn't update in Render to Picture Viewer, i.e. I can tell the cube rotates but it is inside the sphere... It seems to me like a clear error in c4d because I can't see why you would have the Picture Viewer organize the scene differently... And furthermore, when I animate the surface, the constraint doesn't update automatically, I need to click in the editor window and only after that it readjusts itself. Is there a way to fix this behaviour? Thank you
  8. Thank you bentraje for the reply! The problem with the FBX export can be seen when you set up the advanced quadruped (and perhaps this is a problem with other rigs too) and import the exported FBX back to C4D: the legs then no longer follow the spine... I have just successfully made the extra joints with constraints! There are still some obstacles such as that the weights from the Character object are different to the weights from the Bind command and that the extra FK joints need to be baked. Nevertheless, it works and I can hopefully use the Character object :). I think that this setup is even better than having to work with just the Character object due to the performance I need: using the fancy toe-tips and two joints for the neck would be too expensive for this low-poly model. This way I can simplify things by having fewer joints. To sum up, I am pretty happy right now :D and I highly recommend this setup for people struggling with this. And btw, C4D workflow seems so much faster than Maya! Everything seems so intuitive and the UI even looks way better!
  9. Hello everyone, I am terrible at rigging manually and I love animating with the built-in Character object. Specifically, I am using the advanced quadruped. However, I need to export the animation to Unity (a game engine). I've spent a week trying to export it using FBX but it just seems broken. Neither the baking procedures or the CV-smartExport plugin worked. (Legs are disconnected from the spine.) Since Unity prefers FK rigs (requires even IK to be baked), I came up with this idea that maybe I could set up an identical rig where the joints would be constrained to move as the joints in the Character object. I have tried using constraints but it acts kind of funky. Are constraints the right way to go? Is this possible? Should I use some scripts or Xpresso?... I am new to C4D and would like some advice on how to do this:) Thank you!!
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