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  1. Zigg

    Zig Beta

    Thanks @Igor! Aside: Visited Croatia a couple of years ago - loved it. Especially Split. Want to visit again. Note to anyone who hasn't been yet - go. @VECTOR What's the error? I wonder if it's Europe or UK specific. I'll set up a VPN and check it out today. There are a number of management and feature differences compared to something like Trello - realtime chat channels, time tracking, scheduling etc. But I think the main things are fundamental design/architecture choices. Zig is very user-centric. It only shows you what is directly relevant - tasks you've been assigned, tasks you depend on, and tasks you've assigned to others. I think it helps keep things more relevant and tidy, especially as teams get larger or if you're dealing with more than one project at a time. Also Zig is built on a social network - so the typical app, you'd sign up, create a project, invite people to that project via email etc. Zig let's you connect with other people similarly to how you would do it with Facebook or LinkedIn. The difference being all those other people should be in a creative industry - they're 3D artists, or game devs, or engineers, or sound designers etc. etc. It's really meant to help people find good, interesting work, and collaborate in meaningful new ways. As a result there are no fixed teams - you can be part of multiple teams and multiple projects at the same time, and you see it in one view. Last, we're dedicated to supporting creative work. We're going to be integrating with Adobe apps (they make that pretty straightforward), and are looking at other DCC apps (C4D, Foundry, Autodesk, Blackmagic), as well as 3D/WebGL previews and integration with online services. This isn't done yet, but our plan is get to a place where people don't have to go to the site or another app to collaborate through Zig. You can do it right there in whatever app you're using. It's a big job, but we're trying to make something that matches the reality of how people in media/games/interactive really work, rather than getting people to adapt to pre-determined processes that aren't a good fit. That's why feedback is so important.
  2. Zigg

    Zig Beta

    Not directly C4D related, but we built this app as a motion design/interactive design shop, and I want to get the community perspective. Zig is a collaboration app built on a community. The idea is to connect people from different disciplines so that they can work together to deliver projects, from commercials to games to AR projects and events. Small agencies, creative shops, and freelancers can work together. Zig has a filtered multi-project structure that allows everyone to see what's relevant to them no matter how many projects or clients they're working with. We're working on integrations with Adobe apps, and are interested in ideas for other integrations or features. I started out in motion design and VFX concept art before going into advertising and interactive design. The app we're trying to build reflects my experience doing creative work - more social, and focused on professional work. I'd love to get feedback from everyone - whether you have a couple of decades experience or you're just starting out. You can see features and whatnot at www.zigtheapp.com. Let me know what you think. The more feedback we get, the more likely we are to make something useful. Thanks!!