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  1. Hi, Multi-pass Ae Compositing question. I have C4D sequences from different passes in Ae that were done in linear+sRGB . to get the same appearance in Ae I know I could: 1. work color managed in Ae - set it to linear and sRGB. OR 2. use color profile converter on my passes. but got a question about 2 - the color profile converter option. I see that if I use it on the composite of my passes (adj layer or precomp) it works fine. but it doesn't do the same if I apply it to each pass separately... the thing that confuses me is that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj5dSj8vELk on 08:17 he shows how he applies CPC on each of the passes, whereas in my composition, it only works if I apply it to the composite. so... should you apply CPC on the composite only? or is there a way to use it on each pass separately? Thanks
  2. Beefdoctor thanks for the shadow catcher tutorial, yes I tried that before but didn't like that I can't get a separate pass of just the shadows... guess I could just use the alpha as a matte for a fill layer. and another thing it seems that during the multipass, my diffusion pass export suddenly looks wrong like it's only using the stroke of the layer. even though that in the PV it looks fine. westbam yes remove color matting seems to do the trick, still wonder why it happens and if I can avoid it without unnecessary effects Voytech I tried but it seems to give me even harder edge if any of you have the time and patience, please see my very organized C4D file and see if you can get a decent multipass with a separate shadows... Thanks retro_rocketTEST.c4d
  3. Hello, what is the efficient technique to not render the floor but still get the shadows? the shadow pass is fine but the floor is visible in the diffuse and gi and specular passes and tried to get rid of it by using a buffer but it created nasty edges... I want the spaceship without the floor, and I want the shadows... any easy workaround for this? screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/rCfYH7M Thanks
  4. I have figured out the workflow options that are available to me eventually :) Workflow #1: work in sRGB working space in Ae and either "linearize working space" or instead "blend colors using 1.0 Gamma": this workflow is mostly fine for mixed assets as long as I check also "compensate for scene referred profiles". the difference between linearize and blend gamma is that if I use linearize, and I had blend modes or gamma adjustment layers in my Psd multi-layerd file, I would have to now re-adjust them manually. if I don't want to adjust them manually I could choose "blend colors using 1.0 Gamma" instead of "linearize working space" and this will give me exact match with my Ps multilayered files. Workflow #2: dismiss the sRGB+linearize all together and instead use the color profile converter fx on my 3d composite and set it like this: this will convert my multipass composite to non-linear and I could keep working unmanaged in Ae (the default way) Workflow #3: work with EXR instead of PNG and not use linearize or sRGB. instead of Png sequences I could work with EXR, set Ae to "blend colors using 1.0 Gamma" without linearize or blend gamma and this should give me the exact result as I had in C4D.
  5. Thanks. the Ai tip is good I always work RGB. it does look consistent in Ae in terms of vectors. my main issue is with PSD since it does not retain the appearance in Ae linearized sRGB (along with my 3d passes which look fine). so I am asking how should I set my assets so that they retain the appearance linearized workflow in Ae with C4D multipasses? as I said one I notice one way is to make the psd document 32bit, but isn't there another way? I see if I open png assets in PS, it does have a profile called linear work space but I can't assign this manually on other documents. so I get the same appearance as in C4D and not in a 32bit mode... that link in cineversity is very interesting and it does give great tips as for going from C4D to Ae in terms of passes, but what I am missing is working space information. I see that even Chris is using 8bit project in Ae and not sure it's linearized so that confuses me even more.
  6. Need After Effects Workflow Advice from 3D compositors/C4D users that composite in Ae: I want to ask about efficiently composite 3D multi-pass sequences in Ae in combination with assets from Ps and Ai. Since C4D is in linear workflow by default, and is the common/recommended way to work (correct me if I am wrong) this means I need to set Ae’s project settings to "linearize working space" and to sRGB to get the same visual result as in C4D. that I know. but what about getting my Ps/Ai assets to look the same in the composite with the 3D? How should I set up my Psd’s to look the same in Ae? I see that if I change the Psd to 32bit in PS then the colors are the same in Ae (read about that 32bit is always linear) and Ai actually doesn’t have an option to 16/32bit...(does it?) And it looks the same except the rasterized effects (like drop shadow). so how should I prepare my still assets for Ae if I plan to composite C4D multipasses in the mix? and last question: any Maya users here also? is it also by default linear workflow and sRGB? and the same rules apply? any common way to work between the 3d app in linear mode and various assets would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ahhh :) so missed that one. that's what I get for doing auto keyframes... Thank you Emir.
  8. C4D 19.068 Student align to path on c4d is flipping my object once it reaches the last keyframe. I see the tangents are o.k... using align to spline works fine but why does align to path not working? attached a gif and the project aligntopath.c4d
  9. Thanks for the input Dan, will remember that. appreciate the help. great help here in the C4D Cafe forum.
  10. Great, Thanks. I watched as you explained about the N-GON thing. will have to dig deeper into that to see how exactly I can model correctly using this method.
  11. sure, here's the screen from the tutorial that I am trying to imitate
  12. Thanks, these do not make a difference. still seeing these Cyan lines. did not see in your video where you point out about these Cyan lines... here's a GIF showing what I mean. I think it's a preview setting or something.
  13. Thanks I will look it up. *edit: is this it? I seem to be doing the exact thing he is doing. it's just I am showing the polygons as shattered. but maybe any explanation to why are there appearing to be shattering between points? (these cyan lines - what are these?) I realize now these are not edges, maybe some preview of some sort that is showing me more information?
  14. Hi I am trying to follow this chapter in a C4D Course: https://www.lynda.com/CINEMA-4D-tutorials/Exploring-PolyPen/410689/462774-4.html?autoplay=true the author is showing how to create a geometry using the polygon pen. as he creates more segments, I see my viewport is showing additional edges between the points and I am not seeing them in his explanation. this is what he is showing: 01.jpg 01.jpg this is what I am seeing: 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg why is my geometry seems broken in compared to his? is it a preview setting or some checkbox I am missing?



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