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  1. Thank you C! so many options which is a good thing if you know how to find them.
  2. Hi, I tried every option in filter or display, how do I get rid of the white subdivision lines when I select and object in R20? Thanks
  3. o.k I got it to work by making the spline editable and created a point where I want the seam and using "set first point" making the first point where I want the seam. I also tried the UV Peeler and it did work, but was also looking for something that would work with C4D Lite. so I am good now :) as for making it work with the seam where it is, and using a square texture with blank distance from both sides - that didn't work for me in Ae using Re:map but maybe we just lost context of each other there. so Thanks again CBR. as always you were most helpful and I appreciate your time.
  4. Thanks. Ok so to get this straight I will need to create texture in perfect square and equal distance from top and bottom? And that other thing you mentioned: How do I change the UV if I make it editable. I was thinking I could move the seam up hidden from view?
  5. great explanation :) thank you. I actually only trying to create this in Ae: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/340373684335412589/ so it will be easily replaced and editable. the texture is simply a loose settings I can change later on if I want to tile or whatever. Yes, I want to change the UVs so it will look like this:
  6. Thank you CBR. I wasn't aware there is always a seam in this type of shape. why is that? how would you move the seam? I know I can do that if I apply the texture in C4D, but I want to use the UVW in Ae and apply the texture there, so I want to control the in that stage. say you wanted to create that type of paremetric template, where a text rolls around this type of shape through the UVW pass in Ae. is the way I built it not good for it? the interpolation is uniform BTW.
  7. Hi, it all started from this reference: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/340373684335412589/ so I tried to do this in C4D. created a rectangle spline, rounded it, added extrude, and now I can add a texture and play with the UV offset in C4D. great. but I now want to use in in Ae via UVW pass, and use re:map for it. issue is my UVW looks like this - notice the seam. so in Ae when applied to the text it looks like this: so this is obviously since it was a rectangle that was rounded into a capsule and this is the corner. how do I fix it? how do I get rid of the seam and get a smooth UVW wrap? I have the c4d lite version and the R20 Edu version. I would prefer to keep it procedural and lite. Thanks
  8. Thanks Vlzn I get it now it works!
  9. Thanks KVB, I tried that. still the floor gives a darker shadow to my Rocket... notice the darkness in the right of the Rocket.
  10. thank you for your help. tried to get away with one pass alone and maintain the same look. guess this technique has it's downsides.
  11. I tried. refraction does not make a difference, and if I cancel receiving shadows on the rocket it cancels all the shadows and not just that difference.
  12. thanks, I tried before messing with all the compositing tag option including this but still there is a hint of shadow... is this a limitation of this procedure ? here's the C4D file if you can take a look: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h5D7YhSW2neSjkYgsmJUk3IglFYiH5XR
  13. Hi, I am trying to render a single pass with alpha of my object with its shadow using a shadow catcher on the floor. the problem is it is affecting the reflections and the shadows in my scene. this is how it looks with the floor se this is after I enable the shadow catcher: notice the shadows on the rocket surface and the black reflection. how do I get this shadow to work and keep my rocket looking the same? Thanks
  14. Hi, Multi-pass Ae Compositing question. I have C4D sequences from different passes in Ae that were done in linear+sRGB . to get the same appearance in Ae I know I could: 1. work color managed in Ae - set it to linear and sRGB. OR 2. use color profile converter on my passes. but got a question about 2 - the color profile converter option. I see that if I use it on the composite of my passes (adj layer or precomp) it works fine. but it doesn't do the same if I apply it to each pass separately... the thing that confuses me is that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj5dSj8vELk on 08:17 he shows how he applies CPC on each of the passes, whereas in my composition, it only works if I apply it to the composite. so... should you apply CPC on the composite only? or is there a way to use it on each pass separately? Thanks
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