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  1. I just figure it out that maybe if I can find a way to expand my Platonic ( / any ) object with just using Matrix and Plain that should be solve my problem. In the screenshot (in my 1st post) Platonic object original size is 100 cm and Plain is negative -100 / -1000. So while I try to write this post, I jumped in my practice project I got this ( check out below screenshot ) result suddenly, but its not permanently, its just like a bug. I still need a help about this issue, please. ( if I found a great procedural method like in screenshot, I can easily reach my mograph goal )
  2. At the first look both of them were looks like what I want. And I think I have to dive in them, then I will let you know. Thank you so much more, really highly appreciate that.
  3. Looks like there are tons of methods to do it but I don't know them?! Haha! 1. You want the faces of your Platonic to appear when the matrix objects appear on them? Yes, that is correct. 2. Can you make the Platonic editable or does it need to stay parametric? Stay parametric. ( I like procedural methods ) 3. Can they appear via a texture in their material, or do they need to scale in or something? They need to scale in. ( I actually interesting both of them ) Thanks a lot @natevplas, highly appreciate that.
  4. Sorry for inconvenience, maybe the reason is my English. I put my practice project here which is you can download it and I hope you will get my idea that what I want. My goal is when Matrix generates boxes over Platonic object, my Platonic object will start to Appear only which pieces of Matrix boxes placed over my Platonic object. (I hope my explanation could help you to understand me correctly) Matix_Plain_Test_v01_01.c4d
  5. Hello, #1 How can I do this model (model in below image) with just Matrix and Plain, please?
  6. Haha, I thought you meant other ' Connect Object (/s) ' its under ' Current State to Object '. I just need to say thank you so much more. Its very effective way and so procedural method. May God Bless you. ( p.s note when this page is open my gpu 100% running, its weird but needed to mention )
  7. There is no simply easy way even others doing same thing and achieve it easily.
  8. I am getting to accept that. Because I see Twist doesn't twist easily for all type of functions e.g for Volume. And I tried to figure out that case only in/on my machine or its same to other users. So, I got my answer here that I have to try complex things to achieve what I want. No easy way for it. And actually I am not ready for try more complex ways to achieve what I want at this time. Slowly learning... Thanks a lot once again for all your comments. I highly appreciate that. Max
  9. Connect Object doesn't give all cloned versions. It gives single Correction version. Maybe I am newbie for this C4D.
  10. Thanks a lot for your efforts to do it. OMG! You did it. Am I have a chance to ask you record processes of them, please? I few times tried but failed. aargh No chance to explain it, sir? This is not urgent, I am able to wait your answer.
  11. I already tried Current State to Object / 2nd method wasn't activated in that project. I shared that (practice) project here. Correction 'n Instance issue_v01.c4d
  12. Thanks one more @Cerbera after your helps I found this method. I'd like to make single final shape of that model. How can I do it?
  13. Looks like problem is Correction doesn't properly work with Cloner.



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