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  1. Thanks a lot at least it works. Pose Morphs messing up each others, so doesn't work stable, its absolutely unstable to use it. Even 2 Pose Morphs messing up each others. Is there a stable and handful way to use them?
  2. 3rd Bevel doesn't work with Pose Morph, first 2 bevels works like charm, any help?
  3. Hmm, sounds great. I have to try some deeply about that. I hope it should work. Thanks!
  4. After my initial post, I just kept to try and I only found a way that you just mentioned. And thanks a lot for that. And yeah looks like its only way to achieve to what I want. ( Note: When I use higher resolution like 100 segments or more and this way really cost heavier, so slows down viewport. ) Need to ask is possible to use XP to find easier way? (I mean if I use XP it won't slows down viewport as standard way.)
  5. I would like to give exactly same distance between all of cylinders over sphere, I tried with `Push Apart` but I am not satisfied with it. Any help?
  6. Wow, amazing. I tried but didn't create a null. It makes a huge sense in this case. Thanks a lot.
  7. Wow, sounds impressive, I tried a lot, but didn't get it. May I have chance to ask test project, please?
  8. I would like to scale down of Polygons after Subdivision Surface by using procedural method like 1st (/top) screenshot. So as you see procedural method preserve group. So how can I use procedural method to get result of 2nd (/bottom) screenshot?
  9. Thanks a lot I also need to use Field > Shader Field > Animation.
  10. Sorry I had have to checked a lot of times initial day that I posted this topic. So I didn't see any comments. Then I went off. Today I faced again that problem its really frustrating me. Good to share screenshots. https://i.snag.gy/WpyMjK.jpg
  11. RandomFX Shader Field doesn't animate. I already set `Animation Speed: 1 ` but doesn't animate at all. RandomFX doesn't but ShaderFX works perfect. What I have to do make it animate on RandomFX?
  12. Can I import .max file by using that plugin without using Max software? (I don't have Max software)
  13. #2 - Importing Max File to C4D. How can I import .max file to Cinema 4D? I don't have 3ds max.
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