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  1. Haha, I thought you meant other ' Connect Object (/s) ' its under ' Current State to Object '. I just need to say thank you so much more. Its very effective way and so procedural method. May God Bless you. ( p.s note when this page is open my gpu 100% running, its weird but needed to mention )
  2. There is no simply easy way even others doing same thing and achieve it easily.
  3. I am getting to accept that. Because I see Twist doesn't twist easily for all type of functions e.g for Volume. And I tried to figure out that case only in/on my machine or its same to other users. So, I got my answer here that I have to try complex things to achieve what I want. No easy way for it. And actually I am not ready for try more complex ways to achieve what I want at this time. Slowly learning... Thanks a lot once again for all your comments. I highly appreciate that. Max
  4. Connect Object doesn't give all cloned versions. It gives single Correction version. Maybe I am newbie for this C4D.
  5. Thanks a lot for your efforts to do it. OMG! You did it. Am I have a chance to ask you record processes of them, please? I few times tried but failed. aargh No chance to explain it, sir? This is not urgent, I am able to wait your answer.
  6. I already tried Current State to Object / 2nd method wasn't activated in that project. I shared that (practice) project here. Correction 'n Instance issue_v01.c4d
  7. Thanks one more @Cerbera after your helps I found this method. I'd like to make single final shape of that model. How can I do it?
  8. Looks like problem is Correction doesn't properly work with Cloner.
  9. Thanks for your helps. I highly appreciate that. I just dig it a bit. I found only one way which is cloning few more times. Which is using memory a lot. I have to try on it a bit more to find a way using 2 times Cloner for XY. I will let you know later. Once again huge thanks for your efforts to help me! ( And yeah! Looks like it will works, at least I see Correction and Instance works. Which is in my method Instance didn't worked and Correction as well. ) Cheers!
  10. Thanks for shared your test scene. But you didn't use Instance. I am just worrying that problem is the 'Instance' not a Correction. : /
  11. I just tried on another machine with r20.057 (demo) version. Still same thing not showing correctly. May I ask that you share screenshot (/ project file)?
  12. I turn it on/off it doesn't effect to show correctly. I'd like to know that case only in my Machine or what. I already spent 2hrs to solve it. Read documentations about what I use in that (practice) project. So still I am not able to solve it. And I even tried C4D r19 and r20. (now don't know what to do)
  13. I just need to share (practice) project screenshot. I hope it would good to give you an idea that what is my concern. lol https://i.snag.gy/b2xug6.jpg
  14. Hello, I would like to ask why Correction doesn't shows after Cloner? Thanks, Max
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