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  1. Okay mate, I will read those when I have some more time. So if I have 8 bit RGB values I want to use. Am I able to convert them somehow? Do you tend to always use linear workflow? It seems like working in 8 bit without it seems simpler. Am I able to do a multipass render without using linear workflow from cinema 4d? What would you do in this situation? A client has given you specific RGB values and you were using linear workflow 32 bit in AE?
  2. I made a colour palette with specific RGB values I want to use. When I changed my project settings to Linear workflow and 32 bit, the colour changed to be lighter and more pale looking. I can't seem to type in RGB values ranging from 0-255 when I'm in linear workflow 32 bit. Hope that makes a bit more sense? Will take a look at that link, cheers!
  3. Hey, I was watching this tutorial from HelloLuxx - https://helloluxx.com/tutorials/after-effects-2/after-effects-compositing/cinema4d-to-after-effects-and-back-again/ One thing I couldn't figure out is that I've been given specific RGB values to use and when I set up my after effects project to work in Linear color space, the RGB values are different and all have different values. Thanks, D
  4. Okay :) Cheers for the help anyway. Will wait for someone else to advise.
  5. Okay, I guess the part I was trying to figure out is. Is there a way to have an object pivot from multiple points? Here's a file showing the 3 points I want it to pivot from. pivot.c4d
  6. Just the skate board. I want to be able to rotate it around 3 points as well. Similar to that example. But I don't know how to link 3 nulls together and have them parented to each other and rotate together (If that makes sense)
  7. Thanks :) I want to animate the skateboard going up and down a half pipe like this -
  8. Hi I'm trying to animate a skateboard in Cinema 4D. I've tried rigging it with 3 nulls but can't get the nulls to follow the rotation of each one. Kind of like this example - When it comes to animating the board to go up and down a half pipe, what would be the best way to do it? Manually keyframing and tweaking the motion path? D
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