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    Mother of 12-year-old autistic child who is trying to learn how to use Cinema 4D
  1. mgregsim

    Help for Gene the Math Machine!

    Thank you all for your helpful responses! You have all been wonderful and welcoming! My son has decided that he wants to take the figures of FNAG (Five Nights at Gipsy's), which he has successfully pulled into C4D, and get them to move in a short animation sequence. Your suggestions on tutorials are great! I am hoping to find someone Madison-local to spend a little time with Gene giving him some personal training to help with questions he will have from the tutorials. I can pay $25 an hour (I know that you guys are worth more, but musicians don't make a great deal of money!) for 2 sessions a month. Take care, Melissa
  2. mgregsim

    Help for Gene the Math Machine!

    Is there anyone here local to Madison WI? I need some sort of tutor for my son. I am the mother of a 12-year-old autistic child who has become fascinated with Cinema 4D and has downloaded the free trial version to try to learn it. I have a Masters in Music, and know a little web page design, but I don't even know where to begin to help him. Any thoughts on helping my autistic kid learn 3D programming (with which I hope that he can get a job!) would be very welcome!