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  1. Oh!! I had completely forgotten about that.. What i did was right click the texture, "Fit to Region" then as you said selected which region it should fit and it worked.. Does this work on ALL shapes? I should try to remember this at all times!
  2. Sure thing! there you go guys https://wetransfer.com/downloads/8ddef223f426224a0f7053eb56bb13c320190819132804/797b1907ceae7e14e1e97e1f86d8967320190819132804/bea94a In this document the tile used for the "holes" in the hair is this Currently its set on OSL Projection which i'm guessing is wrong, but on all of them it doesn't seem to quite fit, which is why i asked the question.. cause i didn't know which projection works for which form persay, does "Mesh UV" for example work on all shapes, etc I will check it out @Cerbera! One thing though for a newbie Metaball is excellent for modelling and advancing shapes, but it seems not good for texturing
  3. Hey guys, so this is a hair texture i've added to a Metaball object with spheres inside it. The Bump Image texture i've used on both is this As you notice, the mapping on the Metaball is elongated in places and it doesn't look good or evenplaced What am i doing wrong? I put the Image Texture in the Bump Node and added a Transform to it. I usually make it "3D Scale" and the Projection i tried a couple and went with "Box" which seemed the most realistic.. Why do you think this is appearing as that? I'm sure there's something I'm missing in Mapping textures so i'd appreciate a feedback or a resource.. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the resources guys! I've moved quite a bit in C4D but the modelling part is the one where i'm still struggling with.. I think since you recommended the videos i'll stop looking at youtube and commit to them for a while..
  5. Thank you! im definitely a newbie but just starting to catch on with modelling :-) I was capable of creating the 2 cylinders as you've said like the below I have yet to join the 2 layers (using stitch and sew i suppose after Connecting them together), but their shapes look too rigid, shouldnt they have rounded edges to merge in together? i want to see what is the best position for the upper arm to work with the elbow so i will need to experiment and see what the best shape looks like, but right now without the rounded edges it doesn't help a lot..
  6. Hey guys, Modelling a character's forearm: Using the Capsule how can i make the upper rounded corner bigger in size than the lower? Attaching 2 examples to understand what i mean. I converted the shape pressing "C" so i'm just asking which tool would make me be able to inflate one part of the arm to get bigger. Thanks! the right side is how i want it to look
  7. Thank you @Cerbera! will try it out
  8. Hey guys, asking for your expertise here. I am modelling a character that's a bit inspired by iconography I want to use basic shapes when modelling as much as possible. I want the character to be wearing a sort of cloth or cape wrapped around his neck like the below I know there's probably a lot of ways to do that but asking what would be the best way. What i did was draw a Spline with a Sketch Pen tool, then "Loft"ed it, then Extruded it but it doesn't feel like it is wraped or placed around the neck.. What do you think would be the best and most efficient way to do this?
  9. Hey guys, posting here but not sure if it belong somewhere else. I did a Metaball using 3 Spheres and everything looks fine on the viewport (both on C4D and Octane Live Viewer) but when i render the Metaball shape its looking jagged and angular on both Physical and Octane render. Tried to do "Current State to Object" but the layer seems to be empty, nothing appears. Any idea why is that? Viewport on C4D and Octane Live Viewer Rendering on Physical and Octane The Metaball layers
  10. Exactly, the buildings are on a ladder and every group is on a step so DTF cant work.. Looks like it will have to be manually. Thanks
  11. Hey folks! I have set up this scene and I want all the buildings to drop on ONE surface which is the cube.. I believe I should put a "Collider Body" Tag to the cube (right?), but what is the tag that i should put on all the buildings so that they drop on the cube and stay there? Thanks!
  12. hey guys, i am working on this file but i feel the racket could look a lot more realistic. I am aware that lighting, textures and environment helps the models appear more realistic but i'm interested in knowing how to pick the right resources to begin with, so this is my question: what do you look for when searching for 3d Models online? I believe the number of polys is what makes the 3d model looks most realistic, the higher the better. is there anything i should pay attention to before picking the right model? And which websites you find are the best to get quality stuff? Currently i consider my resources to be: myminifactory, turbosquid, free3d, and sketchfab freebies, they seem a bit generic though so maybe there are better ones for those who don't do 3d modelling yet. Thanks!
  13. that doesnt work because the arealight that i want casts shadows, if i move it a bit the atmosphere changes.. It worked! thank you noted for next time. i thought this would be an issue to solve in the general settings of the objects, not octane-related specifically. thanks!

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