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  1. it seems the right way to do it is the longer way as i suspected. i'll definitely do that. thanks!
  2. Woah following all these steps was like walking in muddy water, but it worked!! Thanks a lot Dan, what you wrote + the C4D file made it super clear. Really appreciate it. One more question: If i'm thinking of adding clothes to the character on Marvelous Designer, is it the best method to work on your character in T-Pose in nude then import to Mixamo + C4D then do the clothes or it's better to do the clothes in the earlier stages? (T-Pose then clothes then Mixamo and C4D?) I know both ways work but i wanna see which would be the go to for most efficient results
  3. Hey guys So i am on the way to modeling a guitarist character, i modeled it, rigged it on C4D using Character, then uploaded it on Mixamo and chose the "playing guitar" then reimported it into C4D. The thing is the character has to be playing guitar, so a guitar has to be in both his hands at all times. How do i do that? Is it through a Tag that i put on both hands and the guitar that makes the guitar bounce between the 2 movements of the hands without falling? How do you think is the best way to crack this? The video is here Thanks!
  4. This is quite strange, when i made the objects size much larger it seems to have worked.. But what is the logic behind this? I read somewhere that working on smaller scales always increases the quality of your renders, and i've been doing that, its strange that Dynamics don't work by default unless the object is large, there must be something in the Settings. But anyway, thanks a lot, it worked!!
  5. There you go, i'm sorry if i'm sharing videos but 4 second demonstration videos can show a whole lot more than 2 paragraphs of writing.. I also tried to add Keyframes on first location and final location, then added Rigid and Collider tag on the right surfaces but still it kept falling infinitely... Based on the youtube tutorials the settings im using are correct This is the C4D file: 3 chocolatesvideo.c4d
  6. Hi guys I'm animating a Cube falling on a plane. Added "Rigid Body" to Cube, and "Collider Body" to Plane. The Cube is falling correctly and hitting the Plane when it's very close to the Plane, but as soon as i start moving it further up it stops hitting the Plane and instead continues falling infinitely. I tried to look through the Settings and change some numbers to see what is the source to fix it but no result.. Any idea how i can fix this? Thanks
  7. I just recorded my screen to better explain: Notice how between the frames 100 and 101 two or 3 spheres look drastically different although they come after one another in the sequence. I baked the animation, but Octane's texture baking can't work because it seems to work only for static images, whereas in this scene the spheres are emitting different reflections as theyre moving. This difference is happening only between the LAST frame of X Batch and FIRST frame of Y Batch...
  8. A little note: the spheres are moving based on Audio File, I am using Sound Effector on a Randomized Cloner, and the spheres are moving frame by frame following the sound file. I noticed that even their location has differed from one render session to the other.. Its like the first 100 PNGs follow the movement correctly and coherently, but once i start with the second batch starting from 101 the exact location and reflection of spheres has differed from the various.. Maybe if i change the format of something relating to Sound Effector, or i convert the whole sphere movement as it is to be treated as object rather than respecting the sound file that would help?
  9. No, Windows.. Now i am forced to render the FULL video in one go in a much worse quality to avoid this from happening, but its not a solution.. Any idea how to fix this?
  10. Hey guys, I want to render a 3 minute animation video. I don't think my GPU will be able to handle rendering all the 3000 frames in one shot, so i have to do it in batches. The problem im facing is that im dividing the frames that need to be rendered in sections, but in the outcome there is a difference of color between the last frame of the first batch and the first frame of the second batch. Frame 100 of first batch, notice the reflection on spheres Frame 101 of second batch, notice the reflection on spheres If im gonna combine the PNGs later on into one video, this difference will definitely pop and look like an unwanted glitch or mistake. If i'm using the same video and dividing the rendering into batches why are there differences between last slide of X batch and first slide of Y batch? and how can i stop that to make them flow as intended originally in the video? Thank you
  11. I posted this as a quick job on the Jobs Forum, quite in too much of a hurry to be making sense of how to model this thanks a lot!
  12. Hi guys, Coming straight from the Modeling forum! I have this 3D Model of 2 products, everything is fully laid out, what I want is simple: underneath the Specular screen you see on the top there is a plastic piece which has a small LED screen that has Emitted text written on it. I am honestly gonna struggle doing this so I wanna see if someone can do it for the 2 products for $50 USD. I use Octane as a renderer. This is the first product This is a video about it and the website where you can see it very clearly https://www.roadietuner.com And this is the second product https://www.roadietuner.com/roadiebass Same logic but different location, under the Specular screen there has to be an emitted text. If i can get the products with the ability to change the text based on every scene it would be perfect. If not and the text has to be static i could take that as well. If anyone is interested in this small job please hit me up! my email is alexis@bandindustries.com
  13. Hey guys, I have this model of a product all setup except whats underneath the Specular screen. It's supposed to be basically a transparent screen with an LCD screen underneath it with text written on it in white as the attached. How do you think would be a good way to do this? The text should be laid out on the round surface of the upper part so i don't know if i should add a MoText (on round surface?) or just duplicating the Specular shape and texturing it with an image of the text on black? (i tried the latter and it doesn't look good, i'm sure there are plenty of ways to get this done, but how to do it efficiently?) thank you
  14. Update: although the animation from beginning to end is what im aiming for, the Metaball is making the object shape consisting of small balls instead of one slimy line. This is a recording of how its looking: Is there a place in the Metaball where i can add more spheres in the metaball's shape to create one consistent line? or maybe i should put the MoSpline under something other than Metaball? Notice how i increased the subdivision points on the Spline hoping this would get the line to be more flowy, but still the end result doesnt look like a smooth slimy line
  15. @Cerberayoure going to heaven if it exists!! Thank you!!
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