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  1. Hey guys, I want to remove only one duplicate from the iPhones under the Cloner, which is the one in the middle. And the rest to remain all in the same place. I'm using a Honeycomb Array in the Y orientation (XZ). Is there any way i can do that? Thanks!
  2. Maybe it's because of the HDRI and excess PNG textures? It's slow even when Octane is not turned on and working, so i'm sure it's a C4D issue cause its directly about the viewport..
  3. thats the scene, https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b5fba217482ffb3de5b53b24ae9a3ce120191210172449/f121e1 it's 85 MB this is why didnt share it initially..notice how after zooming in it reaches a point and becomes extremely slow, or try Click + 1 Not that im aware of, no...
  4. "4: take note of project, and render frame rates to make sure they match." I am working on default values on both MD and C4D, so 30 FPS.. this should work no? "apply smooth to model in MD" this one i wasn't familiar with. Yes! I am working on a model that doesn't have SDS, and i'm adding SDS at the very final stage.. Using MD 8 One question though: I added Smooth to the model, but what is the value i should put in order for it to be the exact same as C4D 2/3 ratio? also worth mentioning that you can add skin thickness in MD so its not too close to skin. What can also cause issues is if your model is smooth in MD and not in C4D or vice versa This might be the issue. It might be a solution now that i added Smooth to model? The thing is i HAVE to add SDS to the model at the final stage otherwise the model will be huge to work with at every step of the way...
  5. Thats what i usually do but it isnt fixing anything here..
  6. If i bake the garment animation so that it always moves the very same way that doesn't work? And how can i do that? knowing that i have to bake the character's animation AND the clothes Alembic
  7. Whats weird is that in certain situations it becomes too slow but in most other its very normal. So the same document/scene works normally in terms of speed, but it becomes slow after zooming in for example and starting to move with Click + 1. Maybe if i decrease a certain world value or something in the Project Settings that would get fixed? Cause im working on relatively a very small scale so maybe that's whats making the Zooming difficult after a certain point?
  8. Hey guys, I'm using Marvelous Designer and Cinema 4D and Mixamo to combine animation with clothes. On Marvelous Designer when the animation is done and i review the frames (Example: Frame 40) it looks good and there are no seams or imperfections: The very same frame has the clothes behaving differently and appearing with different seams when i import it to C4D and play it. Here is an example of 2 documents in C4D The first document The second document All three are happening on frame 40 in the animation, each time it plays it seems it's having a different effect and impact. How can i preserve the exact same Garment condition from Marvelous Designer without it getting ruined on C4D? Anything i should bake right from the beginning so that it is EXACTLY as the marvelous designer document? Thanks!
  9. hey guys, when working with specific documents that have quite a bit of objects on them, it's very difficult to navigate the viewport left and right using Click + 1. It literally moves 1 cm from right to left or vice versa, like it's really heavy. Or another scenario: if i zoom into the scene, it zooms in at a normal speed then at a certain point it becomes very very slow and starts moving at a very slow ratio, like I have to turn the middle click of my mouse multiple times for it to zoom a very small amount. The Alt + Click tab and Click + 2 and Click + 3 are moving normally but Click + 1 is super slow and making the document hard to move around. If i open a "New" project file it moves at a normal speed, so the issue is in that document.. Any idea what should I check in order to fix this? Thanks!
  10. that worked! thank you the reason why i added a high number was because i needed to decrease the number of polys, i did go too far.. thanks!
  11. sure! there you go za7it2.c4d
  12. Hey guys, I am using Soft body dynamics with a collider body to deflate a text and make it fall on the ground, according to this tutorial Not all the text is deflating however, at the end this is how its falling, with 2 letters still standing erect: Any idea why? These are the values im working with: Anything additional i should check? Thanks!
  13. I tried it but the problem is the character layer is an animation and from Mixamo they seem to get ruined whenever i play with the coordinates (probably because there are coordinate keyframes in the animation itself). This is why i put them in a Null and try to control the Null instead. Check this image, i fixed the coordinates of the character layer and its looking like this now. I also selected both layers, the "Rig" and Character "Null.1"and tried it and it also ruined the thing..
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