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  1. Hey guys, I am drawing a Spline on my scene and i have 2 questions: 1 - I wanna cut the curve i drew into 2 to get rid of a part of it, so i need to add an additional point on the Spline to delete the last one after it. How do i do that? 2- Everytime i am drawing a perfect curve it seems to go waaay out into the X axis or the Y or the Z axis. Is there any way that i can draw a curve while still keeping it aligned to an axis correctly? Thank you
  2. Thank you Vector for clarifying. I am currently watching tutorials on the different types of modelling, and i tried it with Volume Builder, worked without a problem too.
  3. i selected both spheres then Right Click, Connect Objects + Delete, so they became one. will do, thanks!
  4. Because i am learning the program, so better to walk the extra mile sometimes to better understand a function. I've added a couple of spheres like you did and connected them and the result was different than yours. I get what you did. But how can i create that to get the same result as you?
  5. Sure thing. There you go. (Please disregard how messy it looks right now, for the neck i've just added a Capsule to connect the whole thing together, i'm fixing the character later on but just want to get around what the problem is at this point) Thank you WE ALL HAVE A HUNGER 45.c4d
  6. Thank you for clarifying. I have connected the character from head to heels by adding a neck, so that all of it is now one mesh. I know the mesh looks messy, I'm a newbie with 3D so can you please briefly clarify how this comment below is achievable? Based on my logic, the character mesh is messy but now it's one connected body, in the same way that cube or a sphere are one connected body for example, so this is why i'm asking to clarify. Attaching the difference after i read your post. Clearly some parts are starting to show correctly, while others, as you said are not. Thank you
  7. Sure! of course i don't mind.. But since i am in this to learn, it would be great if you can share with me what the best solution to get this to work.. it's a shame it might be problematic with Booles, it seems super easy on basic objects.. the file is attached Thanks! WE ALL HAVE A HUNGER 44.c4d
  8. hey guys, i am using Boole to substract a circular shape from this character like the attached, so far it's worked good. Now i want to do the same thing but substract the character itself from inside a box. It doesn't seem to be working, what am i doing wrong? The character and box are correctly overlapped so i'm sure theyre on the same XYZ.. this is a screenshot of what it currently looks like And this is a quick sketch to explain what i want to do exactly.. Thanks!
  9. hey guys, anyone knows an online tutorial how to model posters that are glued on the wall with this crumbling effect? i wanna do something similar but couldn't find any tutorial. Thanks!
  10. Since you've mentioned it @Cerbera is SDS best used only to make objects have more rounded-edge polys? I've been using SDS on sculpture 3D models (without really caring to make their edges more rounded), thinking it adds more subdivisions to the poly count making it more realistic in the final render. is this not the best way to add subdivisions to a model?
  11. Thank you so much! it is super confusing and overwhelming, every individual button has a thousand independent features I will check this out.
  12. this is what i got. i could extrude the whole part but it's not rounded.. anything i should fix in the options at the bottom right?



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