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  1. Thanks for clarifying. "Colors in your gradient have the same value, only saturation is different." So if i change the gradient from red to blue instead of another shade of red for example will this work out or it wouldn't either way?
  2. Hi guys, so i want to do a quick animation of color movement on C4D to turn it into a GIF. I have a gradient slider with 2 shades of red to be animated/moving, but i want one of the 2 colors to have a transparency to it that way it can easily merge and appear see-through and transparent on top of the background image. How can i do that? Attaching a reference. Many thanks,
  3. Adding image to cube

    1. Worked like a charm. Thank you 2. Attaching the layers right now on the document, can you explain a little bit more i should put the texture (which i believe means the image) where? thanks again
  4. Adding image to cube

    Hey guys, I am seeking to add an image on a cube to render it as an artwork. 1. How can i add it only to the front side of the cube? (ie. so that in the future i can work on every side individually) 2. How can i not let the product get effected by the blue lighting in the scene? to give it its natural light rather than let it be affected by the lighting in the scene? Thanks!
  5. How to edit light preset

    Thank you very much Tony, worked like a charm. So in order to control the light that is within a tree i must go back to the null/root to edit it. Are these XPresso set-ups available to use? is it like someone creates a scenery that you can get for your C4D then implement it in the way that you want? If so, where can i find access to XPresso set-ups, maybe i'm interested in downloading some/buying them, etc. Thanks
  6. How to edit light preset

    Thanks Twizzle! So by deselecting the light in filters, i just hide the white lines around it but the light still functions as part of the scene? And i have no idea what XPresso is and how it's linked to the light, still very new at this, would appreciate if you can tell me how to control brightness in that. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, So i got this preset that helps me light up my scene in an interesting way, but i'm trying to edit it and it seems i don't have control over that. There is an X next to "Light" that is keeping me from editing its intensity. (attachment 1) Can anyone please tell me how can i make this editable? Also another question, how can i switch to a view that disables the thin white lines around the lights? it's too distracting and keeping me from seeing the scene in a broader way so is there a kind of view where i can remove them and maybe add them later? (attachment 2) Many thanks!
  8. How to delete points ?

    Thanks a lot Vizn. I am finding my way around C4D little by little, now focusing on creating actual sceneries and then based on that i'll move to the detailed methods of control.
  9. How to delete points ?

    i can move one selected vertex (1st image attached) after selecting it, but when i select more i can't move them (2nd pic attached). Generally speaking, what i want to understand is how C4d treats these objects in terms of editing. For example in Adobe Illustrator you need to convert an image into a vector file so that you can fully edit it. Is there a similar understanding of this for these objects? Why are there limitations to editing for some objects and no limitations in editing for others like a cube shape for example?
  10. How to delete points ?

    I have successfully deleted the extra 2 strings using the U+W. I want to control the length of the guitar neck now, to make it longer horizontally. I am selecting the splines but theyre not expanding, aka i still don't have full control over the spline's shape. Anyone can help? How can i do that?
  11. How to delete points ?

    What are good websites to download free well-made 3D models? Based on my research i found a couple but the ones i got were extremely generic/don't have any artistic touch to them. If you know good websites for free 3D models that may have a decent bass guitar i'd appreciate it if you can recommend. And thanks a lot for the help @bezo. that worked! So basically what is to understand in this is that in order to turn a model into an editable point format i must go to point mode, select connected so that all the points are connected and then i can delete/reshape/control the points. And the reason why i couldn't control the shape earlier is because it's a polygonal object and not a basic spline shape... right?
  12. How to delete points ?

    Here is a screenshot, the problem is i already went to point mode, attempted to delete the spline points but nothing was being deleted. It's either it's locked or something. In the screenshot, i selected the spline points, pressed delete, but nothing got deleted. Clearly, there is a structure problem here that i am not understanding. Should it be converted to another format in order to have control over the splines? (control them, etc.)? And the C4d Document is here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e32ece5438da72636751393f6a34b69d20180208155738/41c6f6fd351e3f725575f199702521b120180208155738/c2ba97 Thank you!
  13. How to delete points ?

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply! I'm quite embarrassed now for how little i know of C4D :-) I've literally started working on it a couple of days ago. Here is a screenshot of how the model is constructed. I've put all of it in a Null file. There is the product called Roadie, the guitar (Null), and the lighting setup. Is this helpful or you mean something else? Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, Newbie here and very excited to learn C4D :-) I am currently planning on using a bass guitar behind my product to showcase that it tunes a bass guitar, so there needs to be 4 strings. The guitar i've imported has 6 strings, and since i'm a newbie i'm finding it difficult to control its shape, like removing 2 strings from it and using the 4. Can anybody please help? On a later stage i want to be able to control its texture as well but let's start with deleting spleen points, etc. controlling them from imported models. Many thanks!