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  1. hey guys, I have all the elements that are on the rotating Cylinder under one Null. Everything is animating correctly except the Spheres with Rigid Body tag. When the shape is setup to "Automatic" the spheres animate very well with each other but they don't turn with the Null object, when the shape is set up to "Static Mesh" the spheres turn with the Null object but they don't animate well among each other.. How can i fix this?
  2. hey guys, isnt there a way to become a monthly contributor paying from regular Credit Cards? PayPal is not available in my location so i can't join if i have to pay in that method..
  3. "and you need to have a null parented to the hand bone" how can i do that? i tried this tutorial but the result i got was messed up: https://youtu.be/CYHwwv9ZaGM will check your tutorial
  4. Hey guys, hope you're all safe in this period. I am doing this animation and want the stone in the character's hand to leave the hand and hit the big sculpture. this is the video preview: https://youtu.be/KPrO2zRAoVw any idea how i can do that? i started off by making the stone a child of the hand like this: in the middle of the animation, the stone has to leave the hand and follow a trajectory to hit the sculpture. Two questions: 1- How can it leave the hand to hit the sculpture? 2- How can i make this as realistic as possible in terms of gravity, force, pull and having it hit the sculpture? Thanks!
  5. hey guys, this thread is old but just now I went into HDR Texture Connections to buy it and it says it's no longer available for sale. Does anyone know if there is an affordable alternative? I basically need to put all HDRs i have in one folder and see a preview of how each would in my scene in order to pick the one that works the best..
  6. Hey guys, I have this design of a hat and leaves, I want to have the leaves falling in the same way as this tutorial video: The problem is the leaves are only one file under a Cloner + Random Effector. How can i make the dynamic for the initial leaf and then it automatically applies to all of them to fall individually? Is that feasible or i have to convert the leaf under a Cloner to be multiple leaves then apply the Dynamics to each separately? Thanks!
  7. yes! i added a Collider instead and it worked, thanks
  8. Hey guys, i have an iPhone and a Sphere that's under a Cloner and that's animating itself based on the Sound Effector. I've added Rigid Body to both so that they don't overlap. The spheres are animating and bouncing with each other and the iphone should be static, meaning they might hit it but not overlap the iPhone. These are the specs for the iPhone and the Sphere respectively And this is the Dynamics Info in the project tab Any idea why the spheres are still overlapping? what should i check, recheck, fix, etc?
  9. I've grouped all the elements in one Null, added a Align to Spline to the Null Object that is rightly centered and added a Target Tag to the camera moving so that the iPhone is always in the middle. The iphone is constantly in the middle but the turning is incorrect, it isn't facing the camera and the cube and spheres behind it aren't rotating according to one pivot point. How can i do that?
  10. I had added a Camera Target for the iPhone, and added a Sphere Target to the camera. Now that I've added an iPhone target to the Camera the iPhone is always centered, which is pefect, but there is still a problem in the Z axis as this screenshot: sometimes it gets close, sometimes it gets far. The whole thing i'm struggling with is managing the order and complexity of the elements to follow one another in harmony: The cube (background), the iphone and the spheres of music should always be in harmony and rotating together in the right distance with the iphone being the most prominent object (always on top) Maybe if i add all 3 to a Null i can work something around that? My concern is that i added plenty of Random Effects/Sound Effector and Delay to the Cloner of spheres, so there's a whole lot going on already and i wouldn't know which would be the orderly way to group them all together. Here is the scene file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w55jjrOtM2VTFlYsYYiDmrdPS4GGM5NN/view?usp=sharing Regarding the Rigid File notice how the Sphere is penetrating the iPhone even though i added a Rigid Body tag to the iPhone and made Dynamics Off
  11. hey guys, i'm working on this video using the sound effector: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vbkaXvRLPpM7mIyFwnE3-Qfr9NFFhXE8/view?usp=sharing How i laid out the scene: the first take is a static iphone and the camera zooms in. The second take the camera is rotating in a circular motion while the phone is also rotating in the same circular motion of the camera. If you notice starting 38 seconds both the camera and iphone are rotating but the iphone is never in the center of the camera as that happens. How i animated it: I added a Circle, Aligned the camera to the spline of the circle and added keyframes on the position from 0 to 100. I did the same thing for the iphone with a smaller circle, made sure the iphone Axis Center is correct, and it only makes sense that it doesn't stay in the center of the screen as it rotates. How can i keep the iphone (and if possible the blue cube behind it) in the exact same location as they rotate following the guide of the camera while they remain in the very center of the frame at all times? Here is a screenshot of how the scene is laid out: 2 Circle splines Also, one more question: i added a Rigid Body tag to the iphone and put Off on Dynamic, so that the spheres don't penetrate the iphone but just collide around it, it didn't work they're penetrating the iphone. how can i also fix this? Many thanks!
  12. It worked man, thanks! needed to make the Sweep a child of the iphone and keep the line strictly on Z
  13. hey guys, happy new year! i am setting up a scene with iphones that are under cloner, and i drew a line and "Sweep"ed it to form a rope. I want the ropes to all meet at the center like the white lines in this graphic: how can i do that? so far ive put my line under a Cloner and experimented a bit, but still nothing is having a concentric effect where all the lines meet at one point and then go each its direction towards the iphone. any help would be appreciated!
  14. Hey guys, I am using a Sound Effector on Spheres with Cloner. The Spheres are moving based on the sound file as the camera is zooming in on the sculpture. At one point the spheres and the camera overlap, which is fine, but is there any way to not make the screen go black? Notice how in few frames it all goes black because the sphere has overlapped the camera. Is there any way that the spheres can remain moving exactly as they are but never block the camera's main object and instead keeping the sculpture in the center at all frames?
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