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  1. spreeDee

    Is Keying Possible in C4D?

    Pretty sure this is quickly possible in the alpha channel with the concept being to remap the green to black and the red to white using a colorizer shader
  2. Several questions if I may... 1. Any naming tool tricks? Specifically, I'd love to be able to truncate suffixes from selection tag names such as "mat2_foo_bar_nonsense" to simply "mat2" with a wildcard/token like "_*" in the replace field. Or, heck, even regex? All this copy/paste work is getting tedious. 2. Know of any scripts that do the truncating described above? I'd be happy with a "blunt instrument" that truncates "_*" off every selection tag name in the entire scene. If only I could write python! 3. Token/wildcard cheat sheet - I'd like a listing of all of them with descriptions, including those like $N you can use in the coordinates manager, etc. I can't seem to find a listing anywhere. Thanks for reading! Any tips are greatly appreciated!