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  1. Update - Display tag changes nothing. The only thing that works seems to be to copy out all the heavy geo and just have the geo to animate in the scene...
  2. I haven’t tried the Display tag actually, I’ve only tried adjusting the visibility of the parent null and using layers, which doesn’t work. Perhaps the Display tag will actually affect the performance. I’ll try that tonight. Regarding different scenes etc, it’s definitely a solution even though it would be cumbersome. Perhaps I’ll just copy all the other geo to another scene, that feels easier to me. You’re saying you export the geo you’re supposed to animate? Is that possible with dynamic objects? All my animated geo has a base in a dynamics simulation (cars racing), which makes everything a little bit harder. :)
  3. I can’t attach the scene unfortunately but it’s an entire city with thousands of static simple geo, nothing fancy. I can of course connect everything but that will create other problems when I need to change the scene in the future. But also, it’s a good enough workaround if it works as I can save each chapter project as a “child” and keep the parent project as it is today. Thank you for the ideas! Main question remains though: Why is C4D viewport performance affected by hidden objects?
  4. Ah sorry, didn't know you meant that one. There's hundreds of objects inside a couple of different nulls, and the parent null doesn't have a cross. I tried the "Export as Alembic + Delete" option - cause then you get the check / X option - but that didn't work at all in this scene... Any other ideas? :)
  5. Thank you for your reply! It’s an i7 7700 3.6 GHz with two GTX 1070 Ti. How do I “red x cross” mark it?
  6. I have a really big scene in C4D with some geo I need to animate. To optimize the viewport, I've turned off the visibility on all geo except the one I'm gonna animate, but the viewport performs just as bad as if everything is visible. It's exactly the same. If I delete all objects except my animated geo, it runs smoothly - but that's really not an effective workflow. It's just interesting that Cinema 4D (R20) thinks the geo is there when its not shown. I have set all the viewport settings to lowest possible. Computer is an i7, 32 GB ram and dual GPU. Any ideas as to why C4D performs like all geo is visible when its hidden? Is there some other way of "correctly" hiding geo than checking the red dot that means "hidden"? Would really like some help here as this is a real showstopper. Thanks!
  7. Sorry for hijacking the thread, I really like this and want to know if it could be adjusted so that any given frame, while scrubbing the timeline, would show the correct position along the spline? Now you have to play from 0.
  8. Works so good though. It's almost as magical as the Range Mapper!
  9. @jed lol and that's the problem. I have too little knowledge of Xpresso nodes to solve it as it "should" be solved. What I did was to I let it count and floored an integer, then subtracted that from the counter, which meant that it then counted from 0 to 1 repeatedly. Basically what your Modulo node does in your scene. Your method is much simpler, thank you. Our very own C4D bible. :)
  10. I have a police car that needs a couple of looped siren lights. I've created a concept file which, to me, seems like it's too complicated. I'm looking for the simplest approach that is the most lightweight and configurable. Just set "every N frames" and go! One thing I'm worried about is that sometimes it seems like it adds one frame here and there. Not sure why unfortunately. If anyone is interested - please have a look at my file and let me know what could be done differently. Thanks! xpresso_sirens_wip.c4d.zip
  11. Would you look at that! Thanks @jed - I didn't even know about that specific dynamics collision node.
  12. I have a scene where I want a couple of particle spheres touch a button on the floor in order to flip away another object. I have attached the scene and I get it to work flawlessly using one "real" sphere object and Xpresso. However, I can't seem to get it to work with the particles + collision node. Is it possible? Am I approaching this the wrong way? I would really appreciate some pointers or help with this as I'm stuck. Thank you! xpresso_button_flip.c4d.zip
  13. Thanks, I liked this approach but it was hard to get it smooth. Thanks, I realize I haven't explored these settings fully. I'll see if I can get away with only adjusted settings! Thanks again, @jed. I like this approach but it would be great to keep it all "procedural" and not need to fake it with ramps. Anyway, I'm way more familiar with the concepts after the files you guys uploaded to me. Thanks to everyone taking their time helping me out. This forum is amazing and has helped me a great deal!
  14. Sorry Jed, perhaps I was unclear. I want the car to ALMOST tip over as it will look great, but then get support from this invisible dynamics object. :)
  15. Well, it’s not mine to share so unfortunately I can’t upload it. I guess the question is more like how to attach dynamic objects that don’t weigh anything but acts as a regular dynamic object.



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