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  1. ElectroOrca

    Trying to split object into parts

    Thanks for the answer, Cerbera. Doing it by hand in Cinema 4D sounds a little daunting. FreeCad is showing that there are about 86 pieces. Does that mean I have to export each one separately in FreeCAD and put it back together in Cinema 4D? I'm guessing the whole "polygon mode" instructions are for when I actually have separated polygons to work with? Sorry, really new - still learning terminologies and settings. Worse comes to worse, can you recommend a program that can convert .stp and preserve the polygons?
  2. Super new to Cinema 4D, so bear with me. :P I'm working with a .stp file of a car part. From what I read, Cinema 4D doesn't open .stps, so I downloaded FreeCAD to convert the file. I converted it to a .obj. When I import it into C4D, however, the model is just one solid piece. In FreeCAD, I'm able to select and move around various sections of the model, basically take it apart. Why can I not do this in Cinema 4D? Am I exporting it wrong from FreeCAD or is there a Cinema4D setting I'm missing? My terminology is probably off, but any help would be great. Let me know anymore info that may be needed.