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  1. Thanks bezo. Doesn't neccessarily need to be a formula but I'm needing something procedural and thought the formula might allow some parameters to be tweaked easily - the cogwheel and flower spline don't quite have the right shapes.
  2. Does anyone know how to create a shape like this with the formula spline? Cheers, Tom
  3. Is there a way to do it without connecting and deleting? I need to leave the 2 original forms in tact. Thanks again
  4. Thanks Didar. I'm aware of the Correction deformer - however the issue comes when I try to add a material to the selection on the correction deformer, it doesn't seem to apply?
  5. Is it possible to add a selection tag to 2 combined objects? I thought this might be possible on a connect object but doesn't seem to be. Thanks, Tom
  6. tdtd

    Constant Random Number

    Thanks Jed this is a very clear and useful example that i'm sure i'll go back to a lot. Much appreciated.
  7. I need to generate a random integer based on a user data integer. I only want the random number to change when the user data changes. Can anyone advise the best way to go about setting this up? Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi, Anyone know if there's a way to capture shadows from a single light source within fields in order to affect a vertex map? The shadows can be captured in a simple cel shader but this doesn't seem to work within fields. Thanks for any advice. Tom
  9. When retopologising - is there a way to match the edges of the new geom to the old? See attached image - triangualr mesh is old mesh, quad is new retopologised mesh. Object is just flat topology. I can of course go around with edge snap but it's slow to do this when working with multiple edges. Hoping there might be some way to automate it. Thanks very much, Tom
  10. Thanks very much for this Dan - I managed to work it out by following your instructions - much appreciated.
  11. Wow brilliant, this is a very helpful reference, thank you very much. What i'm particularly struggling with though is the other hair that starts from the scalp and gathers at the pony tail. It's for a dolls hair similar to the photo attached. Any idea how to create this hair? (not the braid just the hair on the head) Thanks!
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any advice about how to make hair gather tightly in one spot to simulate a bun/ponytail? Ideally the hair should look as though it's pulled tight around the scalp from the point of growth to the bun. I'm struggling to neatly create this affect with the hair brushes. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks Tom
  13. I've managed to isolate the source of the issue. It seems to be caused by a sweep NURBS which sweeps a spline with an animated pose morph tag. This isn't baked out, so is it possible that Arnold/C4D is trying to simulate this on every frame before the frame to be rendered?
  14. Unfortunately I can't share the scene file as my client has asked me not to share the animation ahead of the release. If you have any tips for things to look out for that would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
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