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  1. Only just seen it. Thanks a lot guys, I will definitely get deeper into this.
  2. Thank you for the advice! Much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, I am working on a brief where I have to create a few single dreadlocks attached to a head. When the head is moving, they are meant to naturally move with it (and potentially then be implemented into an AR filter, but that's not the primary concern). I have seen w few videos on rigging and I thought I will create the dreadlocks with a Sweep, then turn them into an object -> rig and just use a collision and collider bodies (that's yet to be set up) to have interactions with the head (dreadlocks as separate objects). It seemed to work pretty well, unfortunately, when I play the animation, the dreads are bring "dragged" and move unnaturally to the left (screenshot). Is there a more efficient way of doing it? Or should I stick to this idea? What would be the best way to fix that movement to the left? Responses will be greatly appreciated - thank you
  4. Hey, I'm currently working on a project where I want to place emissive particles (to then animate them - going from black to strong orange glow) on top of a diffuse material with a disp map. I assume I will have to use texture emission node and maybe use a mix material? I will attach a screenshot of my current setting and the model. Right now the particles are just a texture overlay. Any advice on how to approach this in a smart way? It's the first time I'm experimenting with nodes in Octane. One extra question is - would it be possible to animate a reveal of the particles, from the tip of the shoe to the heel? It's not as important as the first part of my question though. Thanks, help would be appreciated
  5. Hey, yes I did, unfortunately it didn't help. The renders with Octane work great though
  6. Hello guys, I did some research and couldn't find a similar topic. I have encountered an odd problem --> my viewport goes black when I click and select points or polygons. It's not permanently black, but makes the workflow much harder when I can't see what I'm selecting when I want to hover over multiple points or vertices. It comes back to normal as soon as I release the mouse button. When I select tick "use hardware OpenGL" in settings, it fixes the problem but my viewport is insanely slow so it's almost impossible to work with. Any ideas? I would really appreciate some help. I'm using R19 version with Octane Installed, and eGPU (GTX 1080) on my Macbook Pro (late 2013).
  7. Thanks a lot, I will do as advised
  8. Hey guys, I have a task of modeling a custom shoe, which consists of parts from a few various models. I would be super grateful for someone to have a quick look at the plan of my project and giving me guidance on whether I'm approaching it in the best way possible. I plan to: 1. Model the base and end up with a sub divided mesh ready for sculpting. 2. Sculpt the details (what tools would work best for this kind of texture?) 3. UV unwrap the model and create a texture - this is the part which I haven't practiced before but I recall that one of the admins posted a video explaining t in detail in C4D). What would be the smartest way of creating a texture like the one in the image attached? It doesn't have to be Nike studio level (obviously I wouldn't be even capable of that for now) and super realistic. Just a solid representation will be enough. Thanks for help, have a great day.
  9. Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback! The noise was added in Lightroom intentionally as an element of a certain aesthetic, which is about the arty distortion/high quality stylised for low. I do agree with all the other advice and will try to apply it!
  10. Hey guys, properly starting this past academic year in October, for one of my modules, I've decided to learn 3D modeling to add to my graphic design skillset. I've been learning Cinema 4D from scratch and set a goal of creating a few consistent images, within one set theme and aesthetic. It will be easier if I just attach a link with all images and the concept explanation: https://www.behance.net/gallery/64937095/Travis-Scott-The-Golden-Era I used the golden texture in Substance Painter and converted it to regular materials in C4D. I wanted to convey the dark/mysterious/experimental vibe and play with the light a bit. The most important part were the final renders and presentation, this is why I haven't posted the wireframes (some of which I already know could be improved). I'm currently writing an evaluation of my work and any opinions on what's good/could be done better about those final images will be greatly appreciated and used in my final write-up. I have also included a little breakdown of how the image looks like straight after the render. Thanks for your time.
  11. Hi, I'm posting this, as I've encountered an odd issue and can't seem to find a fix for it. I have used a YouTube tutorial and followed it step by step in order to import a mesh into Substance Painter. The mesh seems to be broken and turned inside-out for some reason. I have looked through other forums and some Maya users seem to have had a similar issue. Normally the problem solving advice were: "Resetting the XForm worked for me. I'm using 3ds Max though, but I'm pretty sure it's the same case for Maya" "I had the same issue. In my case, the parent group of "inside-out mesh" had a negative scale. Applying Freeze Transformation to the parent group fixed that issue." I tried selecting all polygons and using the Reverse Normals option, but they seemed to be all correct in the first place and that didn't help. Any ideas at all what I could do? I'm still learning and maybe I'm missing something very simple. Before importing I sorted all elements as objects so there aren't any Connects or Symmetry effectors Thanks EDIT: I found a simple fix. It turned out that the faces have been reverted in variously random directions, which I wrongly thought I've checked. The solution was simply directing them all outside and it's now working!
  12. @Cerbera @VECTOR your tips were really great, I made the model from the scratch again (I will still work on defining some details), there's not a single triangle and the only n-gon is the hole for the ear. I turned on 1st step of subdivision surface, but when I click "Current state to object", it seems to increase the SDS up instead of keeping vertices how they are. What do you think would be the solution?



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