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  1. Hey guys! Thanks a lot, I will look into it - this seems to be the right tool for me!
  2. Hey, I hope everyone is well - I have a question about more controlled animation in C4D. I have a model of a lamp and I want to make it bend and twist precisely as it is in a reference image. Creating and animating a goal unfortunately doesn't seem to be precise enough - it can be animated nice and smooth but doesn't give a proper control over the shape. On the other hand, when the specific joint are being moved, the model goes a bit bonkers and moves all over the place. Is there a smart, simple way where this could be made in perfect alignment with the reference (please see the image) using joints? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you
  3. Hey guys, Hope everyone reading this is doing well - just a quick question regarding a modelling technique that I've noticed in a Maya tutorial, I will drop a link at the bottom. I'm talking about 5:13 specifically, where we can see the modeller creating points and polygons that are snapped to the top of another object's surface as a separate object - how can this be achieved in C4D? Does it have anything to do with the Polygon Pen or Surface Deformer? Thanks for your time.
  4. Amazing, I will do my research and practice based on what you said. Very much appreciated!
  5. Just started trying out Zremesher and it works wonders!
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply - it clears a lot of things up. I will probably try to change some of my habits to what you suggested. I will also have a proper look at Unfold3D. And also Zremesher - I'm trying to digest a lot of new information quickly, as I only started trying ZBrush out about a week ago, but I will now have a look at some videos and tutorials for that feature. Great help, much appreciated
  7. Hey guys, I have seen that someone posted a similar question not long ago, but I thought I will describe my workflow and ask how it could be improved - I definitely still need to work on my UV mapping and texturing techniques. 1. I model in C4D 2. Any additional details/sculpting/refinements in ZBrush 3. UV mapping in 3D Coat - here's probably my biggest mistake as I most usually attempt to unwrap high poly models. If I go through retopology and bring the complexity of the model down, won't the textures get slightly stretched when I pump them a few subdivisions up again? Is there any smart way to "stitch" the UV islands and have a fairly clean layout for texturing? I have seen some amazing, clean wireframes but other than moving mine close to one another, I haven't figured out how to make such clean maps. 4. Everything back to C4D and after the textures have been prepared, I render it out in Octane Currently I'm working on a model of a shoe and I got a bit stuck - even though I did my best to make the mesh as good as possible, when I throw it into Instant Meshes, it gets messy and loses some polygons in one spot which probably means I have to re-model that bit. Nevertheless, here's how I've been working so far, so any advice/suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks for your time
  8. As per usual, very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hey guys, This could be a beginner level question and it's probably one button that I just can't see, but it never happened to me in the past and I can't seem to find a solution or similar topic anywhere: I attach three screenshots - one with a raw model, one with level 1 Subdivision and the third one just shows the Symmetry Object - I would want to have my view as it always was - mirrored side is what it always used to look like - right now I can see the wireframe of the base object and the points representing it's shape - they can't be selected. How can turn this "skeleton" off and only see my subdivided model? Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your time.
  10. Only just seen it. Thanks a lot guys, I will definitely get deeper into this.
  11. Hey guys, I am working on a brief where I have to create a few single dreadlocks attached to a head. When the head is moving, they are meant to naturally move with it (and potentially then be implemented into an AR filter, but that's not the primary concern). I have seen w few videos on rigging and I thought I will create the dreadlocks with a Sweep, then turn them into an object -> rig and just use a collision and collider bodies (that's yet to be set up) to have interactions with the head (dreadlocks as separate objects). It seemed to work pretty well, unfortunately, when I play the animation, the dreads are bring "dragged" and move unnaturally to the left (screenshot). Is there a more efficient way of doing it? Or should I stick to this idea? What would be the best way to fix that movement to the left? Responses will be greatly appreciated - thank you

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