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  1. GaryT

    Samurai Rides Again

    Before I even read the 'ready player one' bit of your post that was exactly what I was thinking when looking at this. Awesome work.
  2. GaryT

    Hulk buster wip

    Progress is slow weather is just too nice right now
  3. GaryT

    Hulk buster wip

    Slow progress blocking out the feet, ignore how rough they are or any scale issues
  4. Modelled from my nephews toy Havent got very far with it yet
  5. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    This will be my last update for a while want to get the rest of the texturing done before I post again.
  6. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    Slowly getting there. Shield will need a strap at some point. Any obvious texture errors on seams will be sorted out with the cloning tool + projection painting in a final pass…
  7. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    Done a little more of the painting Shield is still a work in progress, basically only have simple flat mat done so far Needs a bit of shading to make the gold bits more 'goldy' and some other colour channels added :D
  8. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    Attempting a proper paint job (not just shader selections) very work in progress
  9. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    Mixed render - wire of the assault cannon model And here is me mucking around with axes :P
  10. GaryT

    wh40k terminator

    some bits I went a bit too heavy on (more subdivision than was necessary) It was a rookie mistake
  11. Howdy, Old user re-visiting :D (flazza) Had to set up a new account as for some reason the password reset to my old account would just never arrive... Opened up one of my old models and started mucking about with it. It's in no way canon and I have taken a lot of liberties with various sections.. Next up I will be doing alternative arms and then various poses for a 'squad'