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  1. If you're rendering 10k frames.. you'd probably (or rather should) be using a renderfarm. And you'd presumably be doing some sort of media work. May it be tv, movies, games, commercials, sports etc.. You'd have the resources you'll need at your disposal. So the math you're giving me doesn't mean much to me. It depends on resources, time available and money, those things will ultimately decide how the job is done.. and the quality I could be expected to deliver. And I got "fine, I have no arguments" response this very day... so again.. just because you'd never get that response.. doesn't mean others haven't. Don't use your experience as a model applicable to everyone else. Because that is most certainly never true. But in any case... personally I'd probably primarily be looking at using my Octane renderer for that job. Or V-Ray if it is more demanding.
  2. 6900K, 128gb ram, RTX 2080ti, R21, denoise yes.. but I don't care about turning it off, as my purpose wasn't to make the best image (it was a quickie after all) It was to check if prorender is slow or not. It isn't. Cycles is faster.. that's true, but when you get decent results in the 2min range.. it becomes less of an issue. Edit: removed nonsensical chatter.. not a topic worth my time anyway.
  3. Because unlike subscription, that version is permanent. Unless I'm mistaken, with subscription they'll only keep three years of versions available. So if you'd have to open up an old project (for whatever reason) you wouldn't be able to use that old setup if that version is no longer available. With permanent.. it will be. Most people could care less about that though.. but having worked in media for so long.. going back to old projects (whatever they may be) isn't exactly something unknown to me at least. Which is why I have a literal library of some very old programs etc.. archived for my disposal for such events. May it be programing, art etc.. The only thing I haven't had use for (so far knock on wood ) is watcom c++ from the 90s.
  4. 1.47m in pro render.. seems decent enough. Probably another reason why it's so slow for you maybe? Like what setup do you have? Settings for the scene, and so on. But that original scene could have been set up better.. I don't know how old that one is.. but it seems to me it was setup for a much older version of C4D. Not that my darker one suggest a better way to set things up either It was just a prorender test.
  5. On their web page they don't mention if you can upgrade to the next perpetual version if you already have one. In sweden they have a "sidegrade" from a previous version on a local store. But I have no idea if this is something they'll keep doing. So the point really is, how about next release (R22) will you get a perpetual then for a price similar as today? Or will it be full price every time from now on? Is sidergrades only available on local stores? If that's the case.. why? In short.. this needs clarification. Because I won't pay full price every year.. that's for d**n sure. I (like you) currently have R21 but that's only because of my MSA.
  6. Thanks Dave.. sorry about the harsh words.
  7. Well.. my.MAXON.net isn't working a the moment for me... currently it says my email doesn't exist. Which it obviously did yesterday. I love it when internet is working.. don't you? This is so great.. I knew I could count on licensing to work properly... end sarcasm.
  8. This I can agree with.. because like I said... in the end of the day... cost is the main issue for me. And until they make things clear... Autodesk looms on the horizon. Because from where I currently sit.. the other side simply have more bang for the buck. That being said... I still think perpetual ownership after a full year is a much better route. Especially if they want to make things more accessible. In the grand scheme of things.. it'll cost them nothing.. and most users would be using the current version anyway. Only backwards fools like me who worry about older projects.
  9. Be that as it may... I can't wait for them to make up their mind... I need to plan for what I'm doing today. Changes take time. And time isn't a luxury for me.
  10. Because it is near the cost of the full media package from Autodesk.. which includes Maya, 3dsMax, Mudbox etc.. for a full year. My fault for not being clear.
  11. I mentioned it because it didn't work.. I literally had to fire up my laptop and sign out from there. And I don't like the one computer limit while on the subject. Most companies do allow two installs for this very reason.
  12. The numbers are on their page... and there is no way that I can see how someone like me with perpetual can get an upgrade to new perpetual like before, now that MSA is gone. There is a sidegrade available on the stores here in Sweden, but I don't know if that is supported, or something only available to them. If it is, then it isn't communicated. And even then it is twice the price like I just stated. And C4D would cost €3567 (according to their page) which is much more than the 2500 I listed. The reason for that number is because (given currency fluctuations) is near the limit for the Autodesk alternative I mentioned. Hence it is cheaper. I hope that clarifies things somewhat. But it essentially boils down to things no longer being competitive for me. If what I get at Autodesk is cheaper, and what I get for the money is so much more... then it doesn't become a hard choice for me. After all, it is all about the money in the end. And I haven't even brought up Houdini yet...
  13. As much as I'm happy you're being more aggressive against competitors.. here is the main reason why I'm probably dropping out. Perpetual. Now it's great you have it.. it's the reason I jumped on. No, it really is.. I have far too much experience with old projects that needed a look down the years, only to find that the current version (adobe in this case) no longer had that version available. Which threw a wrench because the plugins from back then don't work on the current version. The story is similar for other tools as well, but let's not stick too long on that. But knowing that I can just return to my old setup as it was back then, is assuring. With the current perpetual I would now have to pay the full price every single year.. but with MSA I got the same version cheaper, because I stuck with it. With this pricing, you're essentially giving me the middle finger. Not cool.. not cool at all. (If there is a way to get the new version perpetually like before, it isn't on your page. But something tells me it will still be nearly 2x if that's the case. Still not cool.) Had you've gone the route of propellerheads, allegorithmic etc.. where you pay to own... it would have been an entirely different topic. Then subscription would make much more sense, if you as a reward after the full year get to keep the version you're on perpetually. And it's not like it would cost you anything either... it's already been sold & used. To be short.. with the current price structure it no longer makes sense.. if things are going to cost me >2500€ then I might as well go back to Autodesk. Because I can get their entire media suite for less per year, and still have money left to spend on keeping other tools up to date. This isn't cheaper.. you've just raised my yearly cost by nearly 3x-4x, and robbing me of the historical projects in the process. EDIT: the €2500 is in comparison with the Full Autodesk media package... sorry if I made things unclear. Which makes me sad... I really like C4D. Oh.. and the license manager needs to be able to sign out a license remotely... what happens if my laptop get stolen and I didn't sign out. No, don't tell me... contact support! No, wrong answer... let me do it myself. See how messy this gets? Internet is only great while it works after all. And copy ideas from your competitors more frequently... they have no qualms copying things from C4D after all. And implement Cycles if you don't want to make a GPU renderer yourself (prorender really isn't as developed as Cycles)... it is under Apache License version 2.0 license after all.
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