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  1. i am now seeking small tutors, reels and price comparsions and discounts for different dccs. but im too think blender is better choice for now. anyway. and thank you for advices.
  2. houdini indie is 270. okay if you want red giant and redshift. add it. goes price is 1370.. lets calculate what the price of xparticles????? because of c4d not have particles and xp is more than 700. lets add 1200 dollars +700 is 1900 dollars. other side is 1370..... i think houdini still more effective.... also remember please. you pay MAXON one and it not gives you full lisence of redhsift. is just for 1 year. and c4d only. but other side redhsift 600 dollars and its your forever. with all plugins.. so houdini 1 year + redgiant 1 year+ redsifht forever = 1400 dollars. t
  3. i am a freelancer. small freelancer. any of those indie lisneces covers me. and i can buy 1 year 3dmax and fFULL redshift. its costs nearly 850 dollars. 1 year of redshift and c4d is 1015 € i think 3dmax alternative is much better. because of full lisence of redshift and in total still cheaper. also blender+ substance designer+painter+rizom+3dcoat+ some other tools + rtx 3070 is still cheaper than c4d+redshift. of cours i can buy redshift too instead of 3070. anyway c4d is expensive.... due pandemics i waited a indie lisence. at least most dcc's have indie. but MAXON not give
  4. MAXON one is 1200 dollars on toolfarm... i think MAXON lives in parallel universe and there is no blender. no pandemic. MAXON is the only program in the whole universe and they setting prices as they want.... but hopefully in our universe there is blender. also 3dmax indie 325 dollars. houdini indie 270 dollars. and other indies too around this prices... i cant belive. c4d+redshift 1015 €. for this money i can buy 1 year of houdini+3dmax+ full lisence of redshift. or full pack of zbrush, substance, rizom and other programs and use they with blender. and with remai
  5. yeah, yesterday on r23 announcement i asked to myself... but answer gived me MAXON... instead of indie lisence they say MAXON one for love price....this low price is 1200 dollar. really i shocked. 3dmax indie 325 dollar. maya indie too around it. houdini 270 dollars... for me there is no more confussion. im moving out from c4d
  6. thank you for answers. for now i have 2x gtx1060. from cycles4d switched to redshift early this year. doing freelance, stock model and images. i can say i am a self influencer -freelancer. most of works i receive are product visualization works. i want do more motionpragph things but coming freelance works mostly on side of product visualizations. also as a user of cycles4d i think on 2.91 blender can be fast as redshift. or nearly to this. but also if i buy new gpu it can be not problem. for side of stock models ans images can be done in blender same quality as c4d. as a alternat
  7. hi, i want to ask to cafe members about my confussions. i am very dissapointed. here is new hardware comes. i can spend my money to 1 more year to MAXON subscription or can buy new card and switch to blender. im fan of c4d. love it, use it. blender always confused me about usage and possibilities. but last 2.9 version is looks nearly "ok" versus c4d. and in this reason i am really confused now. because blender upgrades very fast and have a roadmap. there is 2.91 and .92 comes with render performance improvements and its good versus redshift. in otherside MAXON just buy
  8. if i remember rightly, for s22 announcement mr. ceo spended nearly 20 mins. so this time 1 hour. there is something big coming? or seperated announcements for each software? well, waiting to see it
  9. hi. i made a capitone maker rig. im sharing it for your suggessions. how i can improve it for future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=863DvUPCCIE
  10. -a compositor module with redgiant tools for post fx in c4d. -redshift integration for c4d shaders like tiles, shapes and other things. and also some usual nodes like substance have. -volumetric sclupting like 3dcoat. and some addional sclupt brushes. -library assets for redsift. all materials should be as a alternatie. c4d can ask on instal and we can choose our version for our render engine. MAXON buyed redshift but already all materials only for standart render.... its weird. all of library nearliy useless. every time you should re create materials... autoconvert not works f
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxxDAbhYrb2i22vJGJlJ2zQ/
  12. hi. this is my first tutorial for english youtube channel. its without music and with subtitles. in this video i show how to make worm or snake swarm animation with xp.
  13. this just a basic example. you can add more splines or give tham displace or even better if you have xp you can do much more organic looking shapes. i do only a basic setup. if you have r20 or r21 use volumees instead of metaball. i do similar things before as a xpresso rig for similar looking stickiy fluid strings. but forgot where it is. will be later i found it or can build a new one for youtube channel-patreon. also i found a old example video from 2017 and i used xp on it. wich version i forgot but now its more easy to do. strings are randomly appears. but you
  14. do a spline. will be mospline. put it under cloner. doit as circular and after this add random effector. than put cloner under null and add ffd modifier or bulge modifier. so do it whinner on center. now you have a spline colulmn. add a splinewrop modifier. do your spline betwoon walls or somewhere else. now spline wrap can stretch those clonet splines to new solo spline. than you can optimise visual look. will be a displacer modifier with big noise can do splines more chaotic and orgnic. also you can play with randmo effector. also you can add some gravity and play with solo spline so in t


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