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  1. kmls


    its good. thank you for answered.
  2. kmls


    we can sell c4d xpresso rigs?
  3. blender rises with terrible speed. if they can save this speed, they can be better than most of dcc's in 3.0 version release. i think it takes 2 years. so i think we see big price discountes on all 3d softwares. or they falls behind blender...
  4. mr. DMcGavran, as a c4d user i am happy at this moment about changes in the cinema 4d. thank you for your work. i hope everyhing be better in future. please (if you can) share with us, what you think about a compositor? it is a good idea? bad idea? possible? impossible? i see, i am not only user dreaming about it. i have full adobe membership. but time cost and plugin needs for ae is pain for me. i think c4d will be big game changer in industry if it have a compositor. for example we can less time render with z depth and quickly add dof blur in post, also in c4d. and of course all of c4ds post fx can be big plus. this compositor will be not a new opponent for after effects or fuse. but if it can allow us post procces z depth blur, color grading, little bit compositing and all c4d post fx's, its can be orgasmic feature. for who need more, of course they can use ae or other programs but users like me (not doing deep and big compositing.- also learning addional programs and plugins a pain for 3d generalist freelancers.) can be very very happy customer and also i think lot of new users can like it. sory for long writing but here is my hope is real. i really love c4d and i hope a better future for this software. so mr. DMcGavran please tell us what you think about adding a compositor module to cinema 4d?
  5. hi, i am just have some ideas for c4d and i cant drop they from my head. because of "what if?" question is always in my mind. so I decided to share my ideas here, because i know here is very old time users of c4d and MAXON staff. and i am interested about what you c4dcafe users thinking about this ideas. (i am sory about my english. its not my main lang.) for first, why c4d not have a post production compositor.? we have filters but its very limited and lot of "post effects" goes embedded. for example lens effects. it works with any renderer but it embended to final image. so if you need to change it in some way, you need to re render. some of my stills goes in 6k resolution and takes nearly hour for a frame. so what i can do? re render it? or export that, than buy a after effects, than buy a lens flares plugin and do it seperatedly? also lot of things we already doing in this way. for example z depth export and compositing post blur in different program and plugins. it cost always extra money. also extra time and space in hdds,(multipass tiff with lot of channels in 4k animation is pain). i think i am not only user who dreaming for a compositor module in c4d for simple and general purpose and for c4d post fx's. blender already have one. so i think it is possible and will be very usefull for cinema 4d becaus c4d is already a procedural work monster, so compositor will be big power up for c4d. what you think guys about it? my second idea is also will be very usefull for us and plugin devs.. its a in app market. like app store or google play store. today, if i need a plugin like xstickness or merk vilson's plugins i need to search... but what if im a newbie and dont know what i want? if i never heard about nitro4d's plugins or merk vilsons?. for example dem earth. its a good plugin but a c4d newbie can hear it very very later or if they not need something like that. so, a store can be very good about creating a ecosystem for plugin devs. and user. we can find anything we need or developers can economy for ads or big payment comissions for those sites where they sells already. or they can use their resources for more plugin developement instead of making websites for selling and adversiting. also for every developer lisence guarding versus piracy is pain. so MAXON can give them MAXON.id api"s. also this store can be accessable in c4d. like unrreal engine's contents. so we can just open and see whats new in c4d. it also can be brave for lot of developers. for exaple i can make xpresso rigs. but how i can sell them now? or intro templates like in envato market.? i not doing anything for now because for me is a pain. different sites and different customers... so i need to service them seperately. and it cost lots of time. so just dream it. a store for plugins, tutorials, xpresso rigs or materials. so there is lots of possibilities and all of them accessable in c4d. this is can be very powerfull feature for c4d. with this lot of c4d guys can make more money. can easly share. MAXON can do more money. and all users can easly find, buy or share stuffs. instead of searching scripts, tutorials, materials and all other things in the web and lost their times, all is can be in one window, under c4d. its also can be good reason for potential c4d users in future. (we have some examples, sketchfab importer, cineversity plugin toolbox. but they are very limitet and only for their content. also there are lot of personal sites, blogs, small markets or patreon and gumroad pages. very very fractures contents. so for customer is painly way to be in a dcc ecosystem. so, i think we need a global store for c4d stuffs.) another my idea is making a "idea-suggesion survey topic page with voting" for users of c4d. so users can post idea and others can vote. so MAXON easly can know how much users need that. it also can be a plugin in c4d. who love share and help, can see in plugin "todays ideas" or can add new ones. so MAXON can take course easly with this ideas and votes. of course MAXON is a company and they have their plans. but understanding users is a big plus and always helps for future plans. its also can be used for bug reports so users can vote and MAXON can know which bug is more ugrent. so this is my three ideas and i dreaming about them. what you think people? ideas is good? or realizable?

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