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  1. if i remember rightly, for s22 announcement mr. ceo spended nearly 20 mins. so this time 1 hour. there is something big coming? or seperated announcements for each software? well, waiting to see it
  2. hi. i made a capitone maker rig. im sharing it for your suggessions. how i can improve it for future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=863DvUPCCIE
  3. -a compositor module with redgiant tools for post fx in c4d. -redshift integration for c4d shaders like tiles, shapes and other things. and also some usual nodes like substance have. -volumetric sclupting like 3dcoat. and some addional sclupt brushes. -library assets for redsift. all materials should be as a alternatie. c4d can ask on instal and we can choose our version for our render engine. MAXON buyed redshift but already all materials only for standart render.... its weird. all of library nearliy useless. every time you should re create materials... autoconvert not works for most situations... so will be good if c4d ccontain a redshift version of libraries. or a addional redshift material pack. -update for old fossilized tools. particles, dynamics, uvs and others can be updated
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxxDAbhYrb2i22vJGJlJ2zQ/
  5. hi. this is my first tutorial for english youtube channel. its without music and with subtitles. in this video i show how to make worm or snake swarm animation with xp.
  6. this just a basic example. you can add more splines or give tham displace or even better if you have xp you can do much more organic looking shapes. i do only a basic setup. if you have r20 or r21 use volumees instead of metaball. i do similar things before as a xpresso rig for similar looking stickiy fluid strings. but forgot where it is. will be later i found it or can build a new one for youtube channel-patreon. also i found a old example video from 2017 and i used xp on it. wich version i forgot but now its more easy to do. strings are randomly appears. but you can do similar thing and spawn they in close area. so they can stick to each other in center but on the endings they can be seperated and if you use volume mesher its can be good organic view. for now i not have more time. but im planning do rig and tutorials for my youtube and patreon. so it will be appear there in next month. dynamic splines xp (1).mp4 lines example.c4d
  7. do a spline. will be mospline. put it under cloner. doit as circular and after this add random effector. than put cloner under null and add ffd modifier or bulge modifier. so do it whinner on center. now you have a spline colulmn. add a splinewrop modifier. do your spline betwoon walls or somewhere else. now spline wrap can stretch those clonet splines to new solo spline. than you can optimise visual look. will be a displacer modifier with big noise can do splines more chaotic and orgnic. also you can play with randmo effector. also you can add some gravity and play with solo spline so in total all it can be more relaxed with gravity.
  8. its doable. i think.. i will try it too. if i succes can show on tutorial when i do it.
  9. if you mean something like this, i can made tutorial soon. just need some free time to do it. will be next week i can do it.
  10. again only bugfixes. and blender got big updates when c4d gives only bugfixes... my wife asks me why i not learning blender. (she cares always about home budget. but i am a c4d fan and i hate interface of blender... and usage logics...) but im really hoping is MAXON can give us r22 with all updates we waiting. uv, xpresso, particles, cloth and other sims, red giant and redshift without extra money cost and embended in c4d, will be a compositor in plus. or multithreaded whole c4d operations and others.... also my xparticles and cycles4d maintenance is ended previous year. im waiting for r22. if they not update particles i dont know about my xp. also sclupt. also fluid and fire... i hate blenders interface but if c4d focuses only to mac users and not gives something good for everyone, i will give up and sell my plugins on 2021 january when ends my 1 year subs. and than switch to blender in 2021. because money is money. life is pushing me to blender as a free way. anyway, i am positive about r22 update. rewritten core, research lab and merge with red giant are promising things.
  11. https://blog.textures.com/how-to/2018/12/14/how-to-use-texturescom-materials-in-c4d you can try it on standart render or pyscal. material system is can be different on other render engines but logic is same always. you can google it: "how to use pbr materials on c4d xxxxxxx render"
  12. https://www.MAXON.net/news/MAXON-news/article/MAXON-and-red-giant-merger-completed/ so at least this is completed. whats is next? red giant plugins can be added to c4d? particles for replacing old particles? or can we see light effects and other goods as a new post fx in c4d? to nab 2020 event nearly 2 monts. so if they planning announce anything about this implements i think they already working started for this... any inside info? there are hope for see red giant tools inside c4d?
  13. kmls


    its good. thank you for answered.
  14. kmls


    we can sell c4d xpresso rigs?
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