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  1. One thing is confusing me very much. I have Perpetual R20 and keep reading that Perpetual R21 will be offered, but I do not understand how in any way it can be called Perpetual if it requires an online login and needs to check that every 14 days. Perpetual what exactly ? This seems to me even an illegal description, or do I misunderstand something ?
  2. So an R21 perpetual license requires login and will occasionally check online ? That surely means perpetual only in the BS factor ? Someone tell me I'm wrong (as opposed to marketing the new system).
  3. Thank you that makes sense and reassures me.
  4. Probably everyone knows that Allegorithmic is now joining with Adobe. On various forums I hear some people are saying that Adobe's next "logical acquisition" will be Cinema 4D, with a consequent end to perpetual licenses. I know nothing about these things so how do they reason that ? 4D seems perfectly strong on it's own and it would be sad if it fundamentally changed.
  5. Did any previous version of Cinema 4D ever import Carrara scenes please ?

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