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  1. wserlopz

    Camera Viewport 2D Pan / Zoom

    Apologies for the late reply, got jammed. Thank you for the tip, will try next time.
  2. wserlopz

    Camera Viewport 2D Pan / Zoom

    The reason why I need the background to move with the canvas is because that is the reference I need to see to model the environment, if I 2D pan-zoom it should follow the 3D model. I think this is how it works by default in Max and Maya. I'll try using a Plane, thanks.
  3. wserlopz

    Camera Viewport 2D Pan / Zoom

    So nice of you, really appreciate. It works how it should, do you know if I have to do something in order to get the background to move with the canvas? Cheers
  4. Hello, I'm trying to model an environment for a drone shot that has been 3d tracked. RIght now I have a 3d camera and some locators to help position things inside C4D and also I have a background object with the drone shot sequence playing in the background of the viewport as I scrub in the timeline, everything aligns properly. My issue is that since is an aerial shot, things look small and I need a way to be able to zoom and pan in the viewport without affecting the camera so I know what I'm doing. To be more clear, imagine that you take a screenshot of the camera viewport and then you use that screenshot in Photoshop to zoom in, pan or zoom out. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading.