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  1. Yeah, just happened again, another simulation pissed away into the wind. The object manager seems to crash as well, so could be something to do with that maybe? If I merge the scene I get a few more objects, but if I try and open it, I get my textures but otherwise it's empty. I'll report to MAXON and Insydium
  2. Hi All Not sure if anyone else has found this since moving on to R21 but I'm finding my scenes aren't saving correctly. There's usually tons of the scene missing, particularly when using x particles. Weirdly the windows preview of the file shows the xparticles system in the viewport but it's not there when I open it. The file size also reflects that it's there. I've found that when closing C4D since R21 that it closes very quickly, unnaturally so. Usually when you quit out with any program there's a computation that takes place and a second or two later the program quits. R21 is instant. This happens on my workstation and laptop, so I know it isn't isolated to one machine. Cheers Gaz
  3. Man, this is amazing. This is something I've been looking for since moving over from Maya, and I always just brute force my way around it. This is really elegant. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Hi Guys We're trying to set up team render in our studio. We have 4 floating licenses of C4D all running from a central server. I ran the team render client on four of our machines and connected to them from my own. All had green lights, all contributed, it was a dream. I tried it again the next day and haven't been able to get them to connect since. Our ips dynamically change every day, but I've had them reserved now for each machine while we try and figure this out. Thing is, the team render window, that shows available machines, finds them, but the little connection icons stay red. If I try and connect, they time out. The ip addresses are correct though, and the system information (RAM and CPU etc) shows up in the UI next to the machine name. Anyone else had this? Any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks Gaz
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