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  1. UA UR do what I would expect. It's just a terrible mesh I have been given. Unfortunately I have 20 of these buildings to go through. There is no budget and time foreseen to remodel them. That's why I was hoping on a quick "fix". Thanks for looking in to it.
  2. I think there are multiple faces sharing one edge. Recreated "the issue" in the screenshot. So It's basically just the way this sketchup model is built. There should be a Ufacenormalstowardscamera option :) Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hi guys, Is there anyone who has a solution to quickly flip the normals of a SketchUp file? U+A , U+R doesn't work as the models are built in an odd way. Is there a script saying "select polygons with vector normals facing away from camera"? Then I can flip those faces and It's fixed. Hope you have a solution for me! Thanks!


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