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  1. Hmmmm, I made a Corona material and it doesn't seem to have that option? I followed the steps as per Corona guide on how to make glass. I don't entirely understand whether I should be making Corona materials or C4D materials? (I'm using Corona to render)
  2. Note - I downloaded a glass material from someone else and it shows up transparent in the preview, so its something about my material?
  3. Hello, I am setting up some basic materials for a project and have an issue with glass - it renders fine but in the model preview it is black - is this normal? I would like it show as transparent. I've searched for an answer but mostly I'm finding people suffering with the reverse problem where it renders black. Any ideas? I guess its something simple that I am missing. I can easily turn it off in preview so I just can't see it of course, but it would be useful to know if it should show up more transparent in the modelling views. Some screenshots attached. It looks like the 'transparency' option is greyed out? If I click/un-click it nothing changes. I don't know if it's something to do with this option?
  4. Thank you very much. I will look at understanding how this works a bit better. Original issue solved!
  5. Ok, I'm not sure how I missed that..................... duh, thank you, turning off render perfect has worked. However, I still have the problem with my scene file. The displacement issue doesn't seem to happen when I use a .OBJ export I have just noticed through some trial and error. I was previously exporting to .FBX, is this a bad idea? I am working in microstation and exporting to C4d. No matter which I use the levels each come in all grouped together, exploding them using Mesh>Conversion>Polygon Groups to Objects seem to separate them, though doesn't seem to make much difference to how renders come out. I just seem to be having all kinds of weird problems, another below - sorry this is digressing slightly but I'm not sure if the issue is my export settings/file types? This is an OBJ export of a simple wall, I've just attached a brick texture to demonstrate. How do I get it to properly map around the wall? Every side looks different? The first image is spherical mapping - its completely uneven and the texture seems to slope/have more bricks on some sides than others? The second image is UVW mapping which looks like nothing at all basically. So confusing...
  6. Hi all, I'm sure I'm probably missing something obvious but I have wasted hours on this already and can't figure it out. I was working on a project using corona and having some issues with materials not showing displacement when rendered. In the end I went back to basics and created a new c4d file, created 2 spheres and applied a simple material with displacement (noise) switched on. I can't figure out why on earth the displacement will not show up, thats in either standard render or in corona etc. The sphere on the right has a displacer shader attached and shows (at least I think) what the sphere on the left which only has the material applied, should be showing. What on earth am I missing?? It doesn't matter what I do to the displacement level, or if I use a cube shape or something from my own CAD model, it just renders blank like this. Settings screenshot attached. Thank you!
  7. Oops, yes I have now got the full version. Thanks for putting it in the right place, its been moved a couple of times I think! I put it in the beginners area to begin with. I think it will be the same whether it is not Corona, could you share how you did it for yours? I can check if the same method applies. I followed all the other steps of the tutorial but in a Corona material, so it might work!
  8. Right, had another go from scratch. It’s getting better, I think. Getting some weird noise in the bottom right. I can’t figure out how to add reflection just to the snow? I’m also having trouble generally with HDRI skies generally just looking a bit fake. Is it worth buying a pack / are they any better? I ended up turning off the light in this one and just adding a sun in the right place. Anyway, comments welcomed. I did a little bit of post processing to add a vignette but the rest is pretty much how it came out. I’m using Corona btw.
  9. Thank you, I found your thread with this image while I was searching for terrain mask posts, such a cool image. I used a different way to this one and can’t figure out how to get it to work in the same way (though i I spent yesterday evening trying), I may just give up and cut my losses, I think that tutorial may be a better one. There’s seems to be so many ways of doing things, is the landscape tool generally considered a better way? This is the one I was following, using a displacer and a plane rather than the landscape feature, it starts about a third of the way in:
  10. Hello, I have been following a tutorial on creating landforms with C4d and then using the terrain mask to create snow. What I want to do now is have this 'snow' laying over another material, which would be the mountain texture. All I can seem to be able do is give the mountains a colour, but no material - is this possible? I.e. I want the mountain areas which are currently brownish in the below (progress so far), to have a rocky material applied. The flat part is also supposed to be water, but for some reason that isn't working either - its a plane with a separate water material applied, though its just coming out like everything else. Any other comments on the image also appreciated, I'm new to C4D. Thank you!
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. When I follow the path to visualise: presets, all I have is 'cameras', 'light setups' and 'sketch presets'. I actually called MAXON and asked about it and the guy said he hadn't used the demo but maybe it had been stripped out, so he was helpful but didn't really know - I thought maybe I had done something wrong during installation but apparently not. So I guess there is no way to get to use this tool until I have the full version?
  12. Hi all, I'm a new user exploring C4D with the R19 demo. I'm really enjoying it and think I'll probably end up buying a license. I'm currently using it with the Corona Render plugin, which I really like. Anyway, I don't seem to have any presets and the one I really want to use for a scene I am practising on is the Book Generator. I managed to download it for free, but I can't figure out whatsoever how to install it. I got it from here at CGTools, https://cgtools.com/easy-books-generator/ I've tried dropping the folder/files in various locations but none of them seem to help when I look for it or search in content browser. Edit: I've just realised it says its for R13/14, which would explain a lot. Can anyone help?! Is there a version I can download for R19? I just want to try it out! Thanks
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