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  1. Thank you. The problem is that every time I apply the same material to other polygons there are new selection tags that are not cover all of the material but only last added polygons to it. It works totally different than in other softwares where you can add the same material to different polygons and you can select them all after that. In Cinema as I see there is no way for it without many clicking. There is even no command to merge all of the selection tags to one.
  2. Sorry but I probably use wrong word ( I was using other software I mean material - select polygons of the same material that selected one.
  3. Hi, Is there fast way to select all polygons based on surface of selected one ? Select all polygons of the same surface etc. ? Maybe script ?
  4. Thank you all for information. I did it yesterday by User Data but "bezo" method is great too.
  5. Yes I mean HUD Unfortunately for Result node there isn't any option available to display like XPresso values.
  6. Hi, Is there any way to display result of Xpresso Result node on the hub ?
  7. Hi, Is there any way to intersect or connect two single line splines like this : to make outline of them for example like this : And is there option to outline with two directions at once ( offset from outside and inside of main spline ) ? Or how to make simple "T" from two splines like this :
  8. Thank you ! Script works great but key shortcut not - it only change mode without transfering selection.
  9. I tried assigning shortcut with control qualifier but it doesn't work, anyway in R21
  10. Hi, Is there way to make key shortcut or script to transfer polygons selection to points ? Just like we do by pressing control key and point mode.
  11. Anyway thank you all for information. Maybe there is some official MAXON feature request form ? At the moment I'm using Octane Viewer as perspective viewport for such things
  12. I worked this way in LightWave for many years. In orthagonal views I had visible wireframes but they were much less visible than in Cinema. When object is zoomed out they are way too bold. They cover all visible object detail. There should be setting to make them less pronounced, more thin or transparent. In perspective view I had OGL view without visible polygons wires. So I can move selected polygons or use brush with falloff to edit them and in perspective view I see whole clear object without lines. In Cinema 4D there is no way to have orthagonal views with wires and perspective without th
  13. Is there any way to hide these blue polygon edges, outlines while editing in polygon or point mode ? If I have dense geometry there is impossible to see anything while editing. I want to have clear view like it is in object mode or make these outlines less visible, transparent. Is this possible like it is in other software ? Maybe plugin ?
  14. Align selected points to last selected by axis X, Y or Z for example :
  15. Here is in Blender similiar option to lock view on selected objects :
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