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  1. Hi, is there any way to make selected object always in viewport centre, following them while moving like it is in LightWave ?
  2. Hi, Is there any way to line up all selected points to last selected within one axis ? For example I have selected three points that have different Y coordinates and I want to move them all to the Y coordinate of the new new selected point so they all are in straight line but new Y value. I know that it can be done by snap move axis to new point and after selecting points make set point value command - but is there any way to speed up this process by shortcut or maybe small script ? I used another software for last 15 years and this command was by default, most used for me.
  3. I'm selling Cinema 4D Visualize R20 because I need Broadcast version. If someone is interested with exchange Cinema Broadcast R20 to Visualize R20 please let me know. EDIT : Exchange not actual - I bought it. Cinema 4D Visualize R20 still on sale for 1500$ :
  4. Forester license is for Cinema serial number.
  5. Forester licence is per Cinema 11-digit serial numer - in this way I got it. After selling I will contact with 3D Quakers to change account owner.
  6. I'm selling commercial licence of MAXON Cinema 4D Visualize R20 for $1500. I provide serial number that can be verified by MAXON and licence will be transfered to the new owner. Licence transfer guides are on the MAXON site : https://www.MAXON.net/en/header-meta-navigation/about-MAXON/legal/sellingbuying-guidelines Buyer needs to be in EU region for the sale to be approved.
  7. Hi, Is there any Surface Picker in Cinema 4D ? For example - clicking in the viewport opens corresponding material window that belong to clicked element.
  8. Thank you for information. I knew that Visualize doesn't have MoGraph but I not supposed that it doesn't has any other simple random cloning tool. Anyway I'm very happy with Cinema but this tool is cruicial for me. Fortunately there are replacement plugins offering much more for my needs like Forester, SurfaceSpread and they cost much less than Studio version.
  9. Hi, I'm new to Cinema 4D, coming from another software and I think that Cinema 4D Visualize without any instance cloning possibilities are joke. This is crucial feature for modern architectural visualizations. How to populate trees, small vegetation, people on medium, large and even small areas without randomly generate clones ?! Every software on the planet has this feature even much cheaper softwares. I don't understand why Visualize has sketch and toon shader without simple cloner and Broadcast has cloner but no sketch and toon shader - it should be different.

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