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  1. Thank you ! Script works great but key shortcut not - it only change mode without transfering selection.
  2. I tried assigning shortcut with control qualifier but it doesn't work, anyway in R21
  3. Hi, Is there way to make key shortcut or script to transfer polygons selection to points ? Just like we do by pressing control key and point mode.
  4. Anyway thank you all for information. Maybe there is some official MAXON feature request form ? At the moment I'm using Octane Viewer as perspective viewport for such things
  5. I worked this way in LightWave for many years. In orthagonal views I had visible wireframes but they were much less visible than in Cinema. When object is zoomed out they are way too bold. They cover all visible object detail. There should be setting to make them less pronounced, more thin or transparent. In perspective view I had OGL view without visible polygons wires. So I can move selected polygons or use brush with falloff to edit them and in perspective view I see whole clear object without lines. In Cinema 4D there is no way to have orthagonal views with wires and perspective without them while editing in polygon mode. Example :
  6. Is there any way to hide these blue polygon edges, outlines while editing in polygon or point mode ? If I have dense geometry there is impossible to see anything while editing. I want to have clear view like it is in object mode or make these outlines less visible, transparent. Is this possible like it is in other software ? Maybe plugin ?
  7. Align selected points to last selected by axis X, Y or Z for example :
  8. Here is in Blender similiar option to lock view on selected objects :
  9. Thank you but I see that there is no such option in Cinema. It works only for one viewport and there is trouble to parent and reparent camera every time when I want to move antoher object outside viewport view.
  10. Yes I know about that But I mean moving object by move tool in viewport. For example I place a tree in the scene. While moving it in the top view to another position I want to follow it in the center of viewport. In LighTwave is an option to toggle "center view on current selected item" - it is very useful while objects placement in larger scene areas. In Cinema there is "o" shortcut to frame object in a viewport but it works not as pernament state - no toggle option for it.
  11. Thank you but I mean following object in viewports while moving, not only in camera view.
  12. Hi, is there any way to make selected object always in viewport centre, following them while moving like it is in LightWave ?
  13. Hi, Is there any way to line up all selected points to last selected within one axis ? For example I have selected three points that have different Y coordinates and I want to move them all to the Y coordinate of the new new selected point so they all are in straight line but new Y value. I know that it can be done by snap move axis to new point and after selecting points make set point value command - but is there any way to speed up this process by shortcut or maybe small script ? I used another software for last 15 years and this command was by default, most used for me.
  14. I'm selling Cinema 4D Visualize R20 because I need Broadcast version. If someone is interested with exchange Cinema Broadcast R20 to Visualize R20 please let me know. EDIT : Exchange not actual - I bought it. Cinema 4D Visualize R20 still on sale for 1500$ :

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