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  1. This. I wish I knew someone with strong 3D skills in real life. I think I lost a big amount of time finding problems by myself and the internet. I also think tutorials quality on the internet has greatly improved, maybe I would have an easier time learning nowadays. I started around 10 years ago. At least there’s a lot more quantity. I remember being desperate looking for information on specific subjects. edit : For example I didn’t heard about Edge Flow until not so long ago. This obviously improved my modeling skills a lot.
  2. Not sure to get what you mean but when I import the .exr without any effect it looks like the C4D render. But then with ExtractoR it gets darker. Also when I had a look at single passes in the C4D picture viewer, I had the same "lightness" (gamma I guess) between the global image and the luminance channel (or others). Here's other screenshots where you can see the "luminance premult" file with ExtractoR "on" is darker than the thumbnail in the Project tab. The second one shows the same file without ExtractoR on and looks like what I'd expect. If that makes sense :)
  3. Thanks and yep, I had Linearize Working Space all the time. I tried a lot of settings (Preserve RGB on/off, Compensate for Scene(…) on/off, changing working space from Rec. 709 to SRGB and others), but it's always darker with ExtractoR on. I also noticed that with Linearize Working Space off, the comp gets even darker. Here's another screenshot :
  4. Ah okay, thanks for the information. The problem when I select layers of the OpenEXR with ExtractoR is that the layer selected gets really dark. When ExtractoR is disabled, it looks like the C4D render. I did 32bit renders (and changed the AE project to 32 bpc) but I also have the same problem. Also holy heck, 90mb/frame in 32bpc, I'm not sure that's a good idea for my RAM and hard drive :/ Not sure if this will help but here's what I had in mind : I'm really fond of the shiny reflective look you can get with the Luminance art shader, but you can't really have uv textures with it. I just found out that using a greyscale art shader and compositing it with full color/luminant textures allow me to get the look I want. I don't really need to knock out the background on this project but I'd like to make more complex animations later where I'd need that. So I'm trying to see how that can be done with a nice and clean multi-pass render.
  5. This may explain why I don't get any answer when I message local studios looking for work ; even if I get eulogistic comments when I show my work online ?
  6. And (or) lack of horsepower ? I was no stranger to this when using C4D on a MacBook lolPro
  7. Ahhh, cool. Thanks a lot! edit : Has the "Solved" topic moderation action been discarded ?
  8. Thanks for the tip @danijelk! I tried it with the same settings but all it seems to do is softening the grey line.
  9. Thanks for the tip, I was actually thinking about killing the lights' specular but I'd really like to know why the exclude/include thing doesn't seem to work. On more complex scenes it would really help to use its flexibility. I uploaded the scene here (+ an AE project) for another question about compositing, if any of you want to have a look and hopefully find the culprit, that'd be great. PS : I used a "privacy friendly" alternative to WeTransfer and it looks like it's quite slow to get the files, sorry :/
  10. Thanks (again) @natevplas, antialiasing is default Physical render I guess ; Cubic (still image). I did not tried yet rendering in 32 bpc or exporting alpha alone, but if you want to dive in, I uploaded a zip of the C4D and AE projects here (If you have extra time to look at why my lights are still reflected in the eyes despite adding the latter in the lights project tab, that would be super cool). edit : lights problem solved
  11. Hello, I followed Tim Clapham's tutorials about Linear Workflow and Straight vs Premultiplied Alpha to get the cleanest compositing possible between C4D and AE (CC2018) and got pretty close to it but I still have a little grey line at the edge of the alpha : I tried with a premultiplied alpha and a straight alpha ; I end up with this grey contour on both. I already fiddled a lot to get this far and I don't know what I could do besides maybe using Matte choking in AE but I'd like to avoid this solution. Here's some screenshots of my C4D and AE settings, you might see something wrong and hopefully help me get this right. Thanks in advance!
  12. IOS version : 11.3.1 no big deal but I think it’s pretty rare that Safari cuts iTunes playing but it happens every time here.
  13. Thanks for the reply, but I don't see anything like that in my eye texture. When I kill the lights, nothing is reflected in the eye.



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