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  1. New website if you want to have a look : https://couill.art/
  2. This tutorial explain how it's made, hope this helps : You can go directly to around 8'00" where he creates the material.
  3. Drop your texture in a Sketch & Toon Art material.
  4. Bolos

    create equidistant points

    I just thought of another simpler way : Use the Bevel tool on the main point with 1 subdivision, then select the subdivision points + the original point (that's 5 points), scale it to 0% and run the Optimize (U-O) command. Cut the wanted edges and dissolve the unwanted ones et voilà.
  5. Managed to transfer the rig to the eggplant :D Danke Schön @everfresh!
  6. Bolos

    create equidistant points

    The fastest I can think of would be to use the knife tool and cut two lines around the point where you want your curve. Then with the scale tool, change the Modeling Axis to X -100% and Z +100% (That way, when you select the three points, your axis is on the one where you want your curve to be). Next, go to the PSR window and set X and Z size to desired values and hit apply. Finally just add a diagonal edge and delete the original edges with the Dissolve tool (M-N).
  7. Strawberry vs Eggplant wip
  8. Okay okay. Can't ask too much haha. But yeah I guess the sheer fact of getting this kind of recognition must be great :)
  9. Thanks again Everfresh, yeah I guess I can still learn a lot about weighting. I'll check that. I just had another look at your videos and your character rig looks awesome, thanks for sharing that too :) Not related but I also see you've got the Staff Pick on Catsophrenia, did the attention brought some interesting opportunities ?
  10. Finally made it from scratch and spent less time than I thought it would take. Just had minor weight painting to do. However the Symmetry option did not worked at all. Tried with Single and Joints modes. I ended up doing the mirror thing fingers crossed but it when smoothly this time.
  11. Thanks again Everfresh. I don't think I mirrored the rig at any point, but since it's still a trial and error process I might have done something similar without noticing. I'm starting to think that the problem comes from the rig, That wrist is really weird. I didn't noticed there's a symmetry option on the weight tool, thanks for pointing out that. Also concerning the total weight of each point : I think I always had the Auto normalize option checked. I might have it unchecked at times though. Also seems that a little smoothing brings back everything to 100%. In the end I might have an easier time recreating a rig from scratch taking into consideration all of your tips.
  12. So I just followed your tips about deactivating the skin, doing my changes and reseting the bind pose and it went smooth for the axises reorientation but I still have the pinching problem on the right arm. What I did before mirroring is using the Weight tool in absolute, no options selected and painted the to-be mirrored side full black. Not sure if it's how it's supposed to be done. I tried a lot of combinations in the weight manager mirroring options but none did help. I also checked some points on the hand individually and they all had the corresponding values between left and right. So I'm running out of ideas about what I'm doing wrong. Here's an updated scene if you want to have a look at it. Thanks again and sorry if I'm just being dumb :/ fraise 007b.c4d.zip
  13. Thanks and sorry I had to make you repeat that part about deactivating the skin and reseting the bind pose. I think I should be good now :)
  14. Uh. I already experienced that before and started from scratch again but that's a bit problematic. To reset the limbs positions to World 0 I had to get out of the animate tab. Once done and going back to the animate tab, all limbs get shifted. So I thought about rebinding the mesh but it deletes the weight tag. This makes me wonder about the main topic. If I want to make the limbs longer, I will probably face the same problem, no ?